Satanists: Gay marriage a ‘sacrament,’ abortion in line with Satanic religious beliefs

“The pro-abortion crowd attempted to stifle them with chants of ‘Hail Satan…'”

While a sizable percentage of mainline Protestant denominations and almost without exception, Jews who classify themselves as Liberal or Reformed, have deemed both homosexual marriage and abortion as being morally acceptable for adherents. As it turns out, liberal-leaning Christians and Jews share that same particular attitude with those who worship The Lord of the Flies. As reported by the right-of-center Life Site News portal on June 11, 2014, the national spokesman for the Satanic Temple made clear their Dark Lord stands with gay marriage and abortion proponents.

Lucien Greaves (aka: Doug Mesner), spokesman, and apparently the owner/operator and part-time high priest for the internet-based Satanic Temple, ostensibly based out of a yet to be disclosed locale somewhere in New York emphasizes that temple members aren’t simply high school rejects or adult oddballs who still live in their parent’s basement. According to Greaves, his Luciferian followers are “civic-minded, socially responsible Satanists. One of the things we felt strongly about is gay rights.” The cyber-temple’s spokesminion made it clear that gay marriage is a Satanic “sacrament.”

Yet the Satanists aren’t only civic-minded when it comes to legal standing for homosexual nuptials. Abortion is also high on their list of priorities. Greaves also signaled his organization may start taking to the courts to circumvent various pro-life and fetal endangerment laws. As Life Stie News noted, “he would like to help women avoid complying with pro-life laws by saying abortion restrictions violate their Satanic religious beliefs.”

Meanwhile, Adam Cassandra, communications manager of Human Life International wasn’t exactly thrown for much of a loop. As the pro-life spokesman said, “the Satanic Temple’s affirmation of abortion and redefining marriage ‘perhaps accidentally affirm the position of many in the pro-life movement that assaults on innocent human life and the family are demonic in origin.'”

Life Site News also reported on July 3, 2013, that as pro-life and pro-abortion supporters were counter-protesting each other in the Texas capitol rotunda it resulted in a battle between a church hymn and a Satanic chant.

As debate was still raging over the contentious state bill that would essentially ban late-term abortions, activists on both sides converged on Austin. As seen in the video, as the pro-lifers spontaneously burst into singing the old church hymn “Amazing Grace,” the pro-abortion crowd attempted to stifle them with chants of “Hail Satan!”

As it turned out, praises for Old Scratch failed to pan out. A week later the late-term abortion bill passed the Texas legislature with Governor Rick Perry signing it into law within a matter of days.