Self-styled black supremacist calls for ‘open season’ on whites, police


Proving that social media is quickly replacing hard copy newspapers and magazines, an individual who goes by the nom de guerre raciste of King Noble Black has in just a mere handful of days cobbled for himself a very amateurish yet sanguine homemade video that’s already hovering at a third of a million internet views. As reported by Jerome Hudson of the news portal, and also by Christian Datoc of the Daily Caller, both on Sept. 3, 2015, the king without a kingdom has left very little to the imagination in his call for the killings of all whites and also all law enforcement officials regardless of race.

In an attempt to be menacing, Black cancelled out his tough talk with his use of the double negative. Perhaps unwittingly easing the fears of many, Black tried to sound scary by telling his iPhone, “It’s not safe no more to be white in America.”

In what could be seen as Black calling for the deaths of all whites regardless of gender or age, he also warned those who compose 77.7 percent of the nation’s populace, “Lurking behind any corner could be an angry black man ready to take yo ass out. It’s a reality.” Sporting a rather unkempt Mullfro, Black then managed to confuse the so-called Black Lives Matter movement with The Man.

“The Black Lives Matter movement wasn’t enough,” declared Black. Without pause, he added, “We tried to appeal to them to let them know this type of thing would come and would happen…” But by then, it was obvious that Black himself wasn’t even sure if he was finger wagging at Black Lives Matter or just simply stumbling into another not exactly well thought through tirade against police officers and those of the Caucasian persuasion.

Again referencing the Black Lives Matters movement as well as the recent release of the glorified gangsta-rap hit film “Straight Outta Compton” the self-described black supremacist plainly states that a race war is “unavoidable, inescapable.” Citing the recent execution-style killing of Deputy Sheriff Darren Goforth of Harris County, Texas, and also the stalker murders of reporter Alison Parker and cameraman Adam Ward in Roanoke, Virginia, Black said with emphasis, “It’s open season on white people and crackas.”

All three referenced killings were examples of black on white crimes. But very well illustrating this situation isn’t just a case of nervous conservative whites would be the example set by some on the left side of the political spectrum.

Taking the race war rhetoric very serious was contributor Joe Concha of the left-of-center Earlier this week, Concha penned a rather hard-hitting and quite honest editorial entitled “Network Media, Black Leaders Sit Idly By as #BlackLivesMatter Rhetoric Grows Dangerous”.

Referencing the Black Lives Matters chant of “Pigs in a blanket. Fry ’em like bacon…” Concha held little back, “But where’s the 60 Minutes interview with a national leader of BLM asking for his explanation around the vitriol above? Where’s the major network nightly newscasts playing that chant above for tens of millions to absorb? Where’s the president condemning the movement for attempting to incite violence (and arguably succeeding)? All out to lunch… and adhering the rules of political correctness, which call for looking the other way when any minority group goes way over the line.”