Severed Head Found in Park: Further Proof LA is a Third World City

Sounding more like Sinaloa than Southern California…

Sounding a bit like the lyrics to a Soft Rock love song from the 1970s: “Don’t blame the tens of thousands of homeless, don’t blame outbreaks of the Black Death. Blame it on the severed head found in the park.”

As if we need further proof that the City of the Angels is already a Third World dung heap, an anonymous individual walking his dog stumbled across a severed head in LA’s Griffith Park. Keep in mind that Griffith Park is pretty much dead-center of the greater Los Angeles metropolitan area.

Without fail, city officials attempted to downplay even the slightest suggestion that the death had nothing to do with LA’s massive gang crime problem, and was actually… something else. Anything else. As cited by KCBS of Los Angeles;

Foul play is not suspected at this time. The man may have passed away from natural causes and his body could have been dismembered by animals, police told CBS2 – possibly a “homeless individual staying up in the area,” according to one investigator.

Investigators suspect the death occurred sometime within the past week, police said. The victim, who was not immediately identified, may have been homeless because there is a nearby encampment.

“May have”, “Could have been”. It’s not as if Los Angeles has an unprecedented crime problem. Right?

One thought on “Severed Head Found in Park: Further Proof LA is a Third World City

  1. Let me guess, it was a suicide. City says foul play not apparent. Evidently the victim cut off his own head !
    Just another isolated case of rather unusual suicide’s.. Does government and the media really think we are this dumb ?

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