Shepard Smith Sneers at Bobby Jindal for Saying ‘All Lives Matter’

Open wide for Shepard.
Open wide for Shepard.

It’s time for Smith to go…

Just when you thought the Fox News poster boy for everything homosexual couldn’t get more sanctimonious, he manages to kick his holier-than-thou arrogance up another notch.

Case in point would be the breaking coverage of the Obama-fueled #WarOnCops ambush in Baton Rouge.

As Smith conducted on on-air phone interview with former Louisiana governor and GOP presidential contender Piyush “Bobby” Jindal, the Baton Rouge born and bred Jindal stated;

“We gotta come together. We’ve got to say that all lives matter. It doesn’t matter what color you are: Black, white, brown, red, it doesn’t matter. All lives matter. We’ve got to protect and value our belief…”

But for whatever reason, Smith chose to take the politically correct road as he looked down his nose at the governor. It was then that Smith interrupted Jindal with an obviously smug tone to his voice;

“Governor, you know, you know that that phrase you just used is is one that’s seen by many as, as derogatory, right? I, I just wonder why it is that you use that phrase when there’s a certain segment of the population that believes it’s a real dig on ’em.”


One thought on “Shepard Smith Sneers at Bobby Jindal for Saying ‘All Lives Matter’

  1. There is nothing wrong with All Live Matter. All Live Do Matter. I watched that yesterday and said aloud. What the He.. is wrong with you Shepard Smith? Black lives matter is very offensive to us patriots, That organization is a terrorist group. What do we want? Dead cops, When do we want it? Now, Shame. Martin Luther King Jr. would find it offensive and denounce it for the inflammatory hogwash it is.

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