Shepard Smith Yells At, Cuts Off French Media Analyst for Just Hinting that Notre Dame Fire was Arson

Open wide for Sheppie.

During the 3-4 PM (EST) block on the Fox News Channel (better known in conservative circles as the Shepard Smith MSNBC hour), the very same Smith used almost that entire time block on coverage of the destruction of the Cathedral of Notre Dame (Our Lady, referring to the Blessed Virgin Mary) in Paris, France.

During his coverage, Smith introduced media analyst and formerly elected official, Phillipe Karsenty, for his take on the punch in the gut not only to Frenchmen, but to Catholics everywhere.

In light that certain news organizations such as have reported that “A dozen Catholic churches have been desecrated across France over the period of one week in an egregious case of anti-Christian vandalism.”

For simply hinting that the Notre Dame blaze was yet another case of anti-Christian bigotry, the Fox News anchor… well, watch for yourself. Draw your own conclusions.

For his part, Karsenty is currently active in France as a conservative analyst of what he perceives as an openly left-leaning French media. He was also once elected as the deputy mayor of the Parisienne suburban city of Neuilly-sur-Seine.