Sicko mom allows men to repeatedly rape two-year-old daughter

Missouri cops busted Azzie Watson, 25, with three counts of child abuse and one count of child endangerment after uncovering evidence that she allowed two men to repeatedly rape her two-year-old daughter.

Not once, not twice. But a horrific five times.

With the rape accusations already disgusting as is, word is also out that the toddler also tested positive for an unspecified STD as well as meth-amphetamines in her system.

Needless to say, Watson has lost custody of both her daughter and her one-year-old son

As reported by of Kansas City, MO;

Officers were given a recording that Independence police had obtained and, according to court documents, was made by Watson’s boyfriend.

In the recording, Watson admits to watching two men rape her daughter and taking the little girl back to the location of the crime approximately 10 times. Court documents say, in the recording, she admits that her daughter was raped about five times.

On July 10, detectives interviewed Watson at the Wyandotte County jail where she told them what she said in the recording was a lie because she was scared of her boyfriend, court documents say.

Detectives told Watson her daughter tested positive for a sexually transmitted disease and also for meth in her system. Medical records also said there were foreign metallic objects found in both children’s feet.