Slurred-Speech Joe Demands, ‘ASK THE RIGHT QUESTION!’

Crazy Joey Hairplugs is at it again. The guy just freaked-out on poor general assignment reporter Peter Doocy of Fox News. To make his tantrum all the worse, it was hard to tell exactly why Goofy Joe was slurring his words.

Maybe Sleepy Joe is pissed that Faux-cahontas has just taken a slim lead in a recent Des Moines Register/CNN/Mediacom Iowa poll.

For those that actually follow polls, this particular popularity contest is about as sound as a Biden’s word of honor… but that’s a different article for a different time.

Anyhow, looking all of 15-years-old, young Doocy had the bad manners to ask the former US Senator (D-Neverland Ranch) of the brewing bruhaha of President Trump’s legitimate call to The Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky.

It was then that Joey Hairplugs flipped his wig, no pun intended;

Interestingly enough, it was just last year that Biden bragged in front of the Council of Foreign Relations how he would personally withhold $1 billion in US aid to the Eastern European nation unless they fired the state lawyer prosecuting his son, Hunter Biden (video below);