‘South American Trump’ Vows Flag of Brazil ‘Will Never Be Red’

Brazil’s newly elected President Jair Bolsonaro has been compared to American leader Donald Trump, and that’s not just because Bolsonaro’s wife, Michelle, bears a striking resemblance to Melania Trump.

However, Bolsonaro has been branded “far-right” by the likes of the predictably leftie propaganda organizations such as the BBC (headline: Jair Bolsonaro: Far-right candidate wins first round of Brazil election)

Another example would be The Washington Post (headline: Brazilian presidential election goes to a second round as far-right candidate narrowly misses an outright win).

Even the supposedly objective The Economist asked in 2017 the musical question, “Can a right-wing demagogue win next year’s election?”

Sadly, even Breitbart.com has jumped on the bandwagon. But at least Breitbart made the effort at some journalistic objectivity.

Like President Trump, President Bolsonaro is pro-life, against oppressive government regulations, favors the right of law abiding citizens the right to keep and bear arms, and the two don’t mind telling people they both actually *GASP!* believe in God (Trump is a Protestant, specifically, Presbyterian. Bolsonaro is a Catholic).
Looks as if it doesn’t take much for a patriotic Christian to be labeled as a hard-core right-winger.
In two separate reports, Breitbart.com gives a couple examples of Bolsonaro’s conservative bona fides.

In the initial article penned by Frances Martel, with the headline “Bolsonaro Takes Helm in Brazil: ‘Our Flag Will Never Be Red’“;

Brazil inaugurated Jair Bolsonaro, a far-right conservative who campaigned on a platform of smaller government and fighting socialism, as its president on Tuesday. In his first speech in office, Bolsonaro urged Brazilians to “dream” while remaining vigilant of the threats of socialism.

“I stand before the entire nation today, the day in which the people began to free themselves of socialism, the inversion of values, state maximalism, and the politically correct,” Bolsonaro declared, opening a speech heavy on Christian references and optimistic in tone. “We cannot allow nefarious ideologies to come and divide Brazilians – ideologies that destroy our values and traditions, destroy our families, the foundations of our society.”

“I am also here to renew our hopes and remind everyone that, if we work together, this change will be possible,” he assured the public, noting that his sound defeat of socialist Workers’ Party (PT) candidate Fernando Haddad in October’s presidential election “gave voice to those that went unheard, and the voice of the streets and the ballots were very clear.”

The former Congressman and army captain repeated his campaign slogan – “Brazil above everything, God above everyone” – and addressed the green and yellow Brazilian flag.

“That is our flag, which will never be red. It will only be red if it is necessary for our blood to keep her green and yellow,” he declared.

Another example would be Awr Hawkins titled “Brazil’s Jair Bolsonaro: “‘Hoodlums Already Have Guns,’ Time to Level Playing Field“;

Brazil’s new President Jair Bolsonaro notes that “hoodlums already have guns” and demands changes to level the playing field by allowing law-abiding citizens better access to firearms for self-defense.

In fact, on December 30, 2018, Breitbart News reported that Bolsonaro announced that he will decree protections on the people’s right to own guns so as to turn the tide on criminals who have spent years preying on the defenseless. He tweeted: “By decree we intend to guarantee the POSSE of firearm for the citizen without criminal antecedents, as well as make its registration definitive.”

The Wall Street Journal reported on Brazilians who are yearning for the change Bolsonaro’s personifies.

For example, Claudio Sotero Júnior owns a store “selling bodybuilding supplements.” He has had the store for 12 years and “has been robbed at gunpoint six times since … 2006.” And three years ago, Sotero Junior “had to give up teaching kickboxing classes to pick up his wife from work every day after gunmen robbed and sexually assaulted her at a bus stop.”

He said he wishes he could own a Glock handgun. Sotero Junior observed, “It’s not fair, we’ve become hostages in our own country, we can’t take it anymore.”