Sponge Bob No Pants: Ex-Hillary Adviser Goes on Pantless Tantrum at Fox

When some folks go berserk, they scream like a maniac. Other folks may drop F-bombs like they’re going out of style. Some may even slip into what’s called a blind rage.

However, it awfully rare for someone to go full on sans pantalons.

Nonetheless, that’s exactly what happened in (of all places), the halls of the Fox News’ Washington, D.C. bureau.

To add to this movable train wreck, he was one of Hillary Clinton’s senior advisers.

Trying to fill Bill’s pants… and failing.

As reported by The Daily Caller;

FBN’s Trish Regan.

Philippe Reines, a former top adviser to Hillary Clinton, allegedly went on a pants-less, unhinged rant against a Trump campaign adviser at Fox News’ D.C. bureau on Tuesday night.

Harlan Hill, a member of the Trump 2020 advisory board, joined Reines for a segment on Fox Business Network about border wall funding and the General Motors layoffs.

Despite the relative tameness of the debate, Hill claimed Reines confronted him in the Fox bureau afterward “screaming like a maniac.”

Hill told The Daily Caller that Reines said, “You’re just as much of a jackass on TV as you are online” and that Hill needs to “stop hiding behind [FBN anchor Trish Regan’s] skirt.”

“We chirped back and forth, and he said, ‘You’re not half the debater you think you are.’ To which I said, ‘That’s probably the lamest, most D.C. diss I’ve ever heard,’” Hill told TheDC.

Reines allegedly followed Hill through the newsroom screaming, and Hill started snapping photos of Reines’ pants-less suit.

Reines blocked several Daily Caller reporters on Twitter after they retweeted Hill’s account of the incident. According to an anonymous eyewitness, Reines did not wear pants during a recent appearance on Tucker Carlson’s Fox News program either.

So what was the catalyst of Reines’ epic melt-down? Immediately after the snaps of Reines showing off his moon tanned chicken legs, here’s the video from Trish Regan’s Fox Business News program;