Sudan: Non-Muslim pregnant mum sentenced to whipping, death for not being Muslim

Meriam Ibrahim faces either stoning or hanging, then her corpse could be publicly crucified…

As America, Great Britain, and more than a few member nations of the Commonwealth recently celebrated Mother’s Day, a Sudanese Christian woman was sentenced on the same day to a public whipping and then to be executed for violating Islamic Shari’a Law, specifically on the charges of apostasy from Islam and also for adultery. As reported by both The Christian Post and The Washington Examiner on May 12, 2014, in keeping with the penal code of the Islamic Republic of Sudan, 27-year-old Meriam Yahia Ibrahim shall first be at the receiving end of 100 lashes before being put to death.

Even though raised in the Orthodox Christian faith of her mother, Meriam Ibrahim is technically considered a member of Islam by Sudanese law due to her father being Muslim. Reportedly, her father was never part of her life as he abandoned his young family while she was still an infant. Nonetheless, the pregnant mother of a two-year-old son is scheduled to be executed sometime in the month of June after she gives birth to her second child.

But before being put to death, Ibrahim faces a flogging of 100 lashes after also being found guilty of adultery despite never having cheated on her husband, Daniel Wani, also a Christian. With Christian marriages lacking validity in the eyes of Sudanese law, both Meriam and Daniel face the lash in accordance with Article 126. In conjunction with Daniel’s scourging, he could also face a full year of exile.

The fate of both children is unknown at this time, but it’s expected that the state will offer both up for adoption to an acceptable Muslim family. 

Per Article 3 of the of the North African nation’s penal code preamble, all law in the country is based on “Islamic Shariah as the main source for the law” while Chapter IV, Article 27 gives the government the option of executing Mrs. Ibrahim either by stoning or hanging with the possibility of somehow factoring in crucifixion into her manner of death. It wouldn’t be rare in the overwhelmingly Muslim nation if after expiring by either stoning or hanging that her lifeless body would be publicly displayed as either tied to or nailed to a cross.