Syrians vs Afghans: Knife Fight Over Food Ends Up w/ Greek Migrant Camp in Flames

Greek citizens may take the law ‘into their own hands.’

This makes perfect sense to me… if the host nation you’re in (uninvited) doesn’t feed you enough, then the proper and completely rational solution would be to get into knife fight, then burn the camp down. (Sarcasm off)

Well, it turns out that this is exactly what happened on the picturesque Greek isle of Samos, where a migrant camp initially intended to hold 650 asylum seekers instead houses roughly 6,000.

As reported by;

A migrant camp on the Greek Island of Samos has been set ablaze after a knife fight which left three injured erupted between Syrian and Afghans over food.

Greece is currently grappling with the largest influx of migrants from Turkey since the crisis of 2015, when over a million people poured into Europe, many through Greece.

Over 6,000 asylum seekers currently reside in the camp that was only designed to hold 650. Every day more people arrive from neighbouring Turkey, overwhelming the settlement, leading migrants to set up camps in the surrounding forests.

The camp is home to over 1,500 children, at least 300 of whom are left unaccompanied by their parents.

In the meantime, it turns out that due to migrant violence, the leader of a small community on the Greek island of Lesbos is warning the townsfolk very well may take the law ‘into their own hands.’