RGB Watch: Any Public ‘Proof of Life’?

Sleeping when the SCOTUS is in session is more dangerous
than anything President Trump has ever been accused of.

The Supreme Court may be Ruthless…

We’re going on the third month since Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has been seen by the American people.

The former lawyer for the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) was last seen in public back on Dec. 6, 2018. Since then, not so much. Continue reading “RGB Watch: Any Public ‘Proof of Life’?”

ACLU defends Trump throwing protesters out of his venues

120316flagReporter Colin Dialeda of the new media portal Mashable notes on Mar. 13, 2016, that despite the heat presidential frontrunner Donald Trump is taking for his forceful and rather in-your-face admonition to give the old heave-ho to protesters at his rallies, he has the law on his side. And who does Dialeda cite as the fiery Trump being in the right? The American Civil Liberties Union. Continue reading “ACLU defends Trump throwing protesters out of his venues”