Watch as Phony-Baloney Buttigieg Tries to Come Across as Some Sort of Military Billy Badass

No Combat Action Ribbon. Translation: The only time the butt of his M4 was ever in his shoulder was when he posed for war hero selfies…

To listen to Jackass Party presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg, you’d think his time in Afghanistan was akin to a fighter jockey keeping track of combat air missions à la World War II, or a sniper’s running tally of kills in Fallujah or Hue City. Continue reading “Watch as Phony-Baloney Buttigieg Tries to Come Across as Some Sort of Military Billy Badass”

Fake News Alert: Schumer, Menendez Flat-Out Lie Regarding Afghan Peace Talks, NY Daily News Buries the Truth

… pants on fire.

Senators Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and Bob Menendez (D-NJ) have been caught red-handed spreading fake news. Coming as a shock to no one, the MSM is covering the asses of the two members of the Jackass Party. Continue reading “Fake News Alert: Schumer, Menendez Flat-Out Lie Regarding Afghan Peace Talks, NY Daily News Buries the Truth”

British SAS Sergeant Kills Three Taliban w/ Claw Hammer

Deployment gear list (Afghanistan):

☑ – Service rifle
☑ – Side arm
☑ – Mix tape of Wham’s Greatest Hits
☑ – Dry socks
☑ – Picture of the Queen
☑ – Claw hammer
☑ – Tea
☑ – Crumpets
☑ – Extra carton of Mayfair King Size

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Afghanistan: CNN’s Pentagon reporter can’t understand why SecNav is armed


Secretary of the Navy Richard Spencer recently visited Marines and sailors deployed to the Afghanistan theater of war, ostensibly see for himself not only the status of the troops he’s responsible for, but also to wish those same troops a merry Christmas, as noted by The Military Times Twitter feed.

Yet for whatever patently bizarre reason, CNN’s Pentagon correspondent doesn’t seem to understand why Secretary Spencer would be carrying a sidearm in Afghanistan, despite of the fact that Spencer himself is a former Marine Corps officer.

Of course, the blowback at Starr’s monumentally stupid question was often hilarious. But the one who best deserves the Occam’s Razor award would be the individual known to the Twitter universe as Memento Māori;

Cry Havoc: Trump Unleashes CIA Hunter-Killer Groups in Afghanistan

Very quietly, very behind the scenes, President Trump has let slip the dogs of war against the Taliban, al-Qaeda and ISIS in Afghanistan.

And by dogs of war, I mean CIA hunter-killer teams heavily augmented by military Special Operations personnel.

So what will these CIA “paramilitary and contractors” along with a handful of quite lethal Leathernecks and GIs be up to? Long story short, lightning quick assaults on jihadist leadership as well as bombmakers.

As reported by The Daily Caller;

CIA paramilitary forces are expanding partner operations in Afghanistan to hunt and kill high level Taliban operatives, The New York Times reports.

These CIA missions will reportedly include both paramilitary personnel of the CIA along with U.S. special operations forces detailed to the agency for specific missions. The use of special operations forces allows hunter killer teams to call in air support, if necessary, as they hunt Taliban bomb-makers across the country.

The loosening of restrictions on CIA ground operations in Afghanistan is part of a broader push by President Donald Trump’s administration to accelerate pressure on Taliban militants. Trump previously loosened CIA drone strike rules in Afghanistan that will now allow for some civilian casualties relative to the importance of the target.

Also reported by the Washington Examiner, more specifics on how President Trump, Secretary Mattis, and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Joe Dunford, USMC, plan to crush the jihadists;

Mattis and Dunford looked at the performance of the Afghan military and determined that special forces units and other troops with embedded U.S. advisers usually won, while conventional Afghan troops often lost. So a key aspect of the plan is to put U.S. or NATO advisers with all the Afghan forces on the front lines. That means sending another 3,000 or so U.S. troops, and several thousand more from other NATO countries. Those troops will accompany the Afghan forces into the field, and — this is a critical change — they will be authorized to call in U.S. and coalition airstrikes to support the ground operations. “Make no mistake, this is combat duty, but the Afghan forces remain in the lead to do the fighting,” Mattis said.

How is it different? Under President Barack Obama, the U.S. was operating under the pretense that combat operations with the Taliban ended in 2014, and U.S. offensive strikes were limited to cases of self-defense, or when the Taliban were close enough to present a direct threat. Afghan forces were left on their own, with no air cover to battle the Taliban, often taking heavy casualties. Now Mattis has taken the gloves off. There are no restrictions on airpower, and no requirement for “proximity” to provide close air support. “We did not give the young Afghan boys the sense that they had the high ground when they were fighting against this enemy, that the NATO air support could have given them,” Mattis said. “Today, I can bring that air support to them.”

The other big change: There is no timetable for victory, no announced withdrawal date, so the Taliban cannot just wait out the U.S. “There was always a sense that the United States was going to pull out in 12 months,” Dunford told the Senate panel. “And the Taliban, frankly, fed that message to their fighters, and that’s how they motivated their people year after year, was, ‘One more year in a fight, and then we’re going to defeat the coalition. They are going to leave Afghanistan.’”


Interestingly enough, word is on the streets that small (less that 100 Marines per detachment) and highly mobile Marine artillery units will be peppered across the country to respond at a moment’s notice for “thunder from the sky”.

Even more interesting, Marines from the 6th ANGLICO (Air and Naval Gunfire Liaison Company) have spent the last seven months in Germany training the 31st Georgian Light Infantry Battalion on the intricacies of calling-in pin-point airstrikes and artillery fire missions.

Also reported is that when the Georgians deploy to Afghanistan, a number of Marines from 6th ANGLICO will deploy with the 31st;

The role of the 6th ANGLICO SALT (Supporting Arms Liaison Team) was to serve as the battalion’s fire support coordination center and to plan, coordinate, and execute surface to surface fires, air to surface fires, and assault support in support of the battalion’s mission. These Marines will also deploy to Afghanistan with the 31st Georgian Light Infantry Battalion in October, 2017.

Surprisingly reported by the reliably hard-Leftist New York Times, the CIA’s new director Mike Pompeo was quoted expressing an opinion that Generals Kelly and Mattis would be proud of;

“We can’t perform our mission if we’re not aggressive,” Mr. Pompeo said at a security conference this month at the University of Texas. “This is unforgiving, relentless. You pick the word. Every minute, we have to be focused on crushing our enemies.”

Senator Tom Cotton delivers epic smack down to lil’ Chuckie Schumer

6926_cotton_slideshowThe honorable gentleman from Arkansas, Sen. Tom Cotton is one of but a handful serving in the US Congress who have served in uniform. And the milquetoast from New York, Sen. Chuckles Schumer has just found out how patently stupid it is to piss off a war vet. Continue reading “Senator Tom Cotton delivers epic smack down to lil’ Chuckie Schumer”

Russian documentary; Afghan elders still recruiting ‘bacha boys’ for sex

56db1ed4c461889b328b4576Due to the Obama Administration’s long standing official policy of looking the other way while our Afghan allies rape young boys, one of Russia’s largest news organizations is releasing a documentary on the plight of “bacha boys” in the war-torn Central Asian nation. As reported in the Moscow-based news portal on Mar. 5, 2016, their just under 30-minute long documentary entitled “They Don’t just Dance…The Afghan tradition of recruiting young boys for sex” has just been released and comes with the warning at the very beginning of the film that the documentary contains “images and subject matter that viewers may find disturbing.” Continue reading “Russian documentary; Afghan elders still recruiting ‘bacha boys’ for sex”

Obama’s Broken Campaign Promise X3

obamaWe are leaving in 2014. Period.” -Joe Biden, 2012.

For a third time, the campaign promise made by Team Obama/Biden during the 2012 presidential race has been matter-of-factly relegated to the dustbin of politics as usual. While Joe Biden’s promise to the American people that all US troops would be out of Afghanistan, in Biden’s words, “We are leaving in 2014. Period,” the truth of the matter is that particular Democratic Party talking point has proven itself to be a blatant lie.

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Betrayed: Cleared of Murdering Afghan Civilians, Marines Still Slammed by Army Officers, DoD Investigators, Media

Marines of 1st Platoon, Fox Company.
Marines of 1st Platoon, Fox Company, MARSOC.

If I don’t cooperate with them that they were going to do everything in their power to ensure that my mother would be deported. – US Marine threatened by military investigators.

As any Marine will tell you, it’s never a good thing when the enemy is making every attempt to kill you. And as the fighting Leathernecks of 1st Platoon, Fox Company will make equally clear, it’s worse when your own officers and government want you dead. Making the entire episode all the more disgusting, most Americans don’t even know anything about this.

We have met the enemy, and they are us.

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Obama-Biden 2012 campaign promise to end Afghan war ignored by media

Obama - Biden cute in his own little way_zps943hmkkc

While breaking news travels literally at the speed of light, the hours-old announcement by Barack Obama that American combat troops are not only going to remain in Afghanistan, but staying in-country even after he leaves the White House, is arguably considered by many as old news. Despite the Commander-in-Chief’s announcement widely reported by the legacy media, what’s not being mentioned is that Team Obama promised on live television that American troops would be out of the Central Asian nation as of 2014. Continue reading “Obama-Biden 2012 campaign promise to end Afghan war ignored by media”

Despite Pentagon denial, Afghan boy rape known of for years

1355749273_1989_mullahAs the old saying goes, “what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive.” The guys with all the shiny stuff on their collars at the Pentagon just may have that adage picking at the proverbial scabs on their collective consciences about now. Especially in light of a number of Marines and soldiers recently accusing the brass of attempting to cover up an open secret in the Afghanistan theater of operations. And the accusation that the open secret is in so many words, American troops are directed to look the other way when Afghan men rape boys, even if the rape is taking place on an American military installation.  Continue reading “Despite Pentagon denial, Afghan boy rape known of for years”

Marine Major faces the boot on same possible charges against Hillary Clinton

hillary-clinton-tumblrThe plight of Marine Corps Major Jason Brezler could be described at a minimum as everything old is new again. However, on the other side of the coin, the case of Major Brezler could also be one of the premier cases of political hypocrisy in the history of the American Republic. As reported by the Daily Caller on Aug. 15, 2015, the Marine Reserve officer is still fighting his dismissal from the Corps for sending via his private email account classified information, which in the broadest of terms, is the same situation presidential contender Hillary Clinton finds herself in.

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Obama’s broken 2014 Afghanistan campaign promise ignored by legacy media


The old adage is that uniformed military personnel are often referred to as pawns due to more than a few politicos usually giving their fates very little thought before throwing them into the meat grinder of war. With the legacy media/mainstream media widely ignoring that the same camouflaged chess pieces often used as election campaign props, Team Obama – Biden scored quite a few points with the American public during the 2012 presidential election with the oft echoed vow regarding our troops involved in combat operations in Afghanistan that all US troops would be out by 2014. The reality of affairs in the Central Asian nation is that three months into 2015, 10,000 American troops, roughly the size of two Marine Brigades, remain in-country.

As reported by the Bloomberg news service on March 24, 2015, reporter David J. Lynch nuanced the announcement that the Obama Administration will “slow the withdrawal” of the remaining thousands of American troops still in Afghanistan. Lynch also incorrectly penned there are “new doubts that he [Obama] will complete a promised draw down before leaving office.”

In actuality, during the 2012 campaign Team Obama – Biden were very specific in the vow they made to the American people. Despite Lynch reporting the departure from Afghanistan would be completed “before leaving office (in 2017), Vice President Joe Biden made quite clear something very different.

As evidenced by Joe Biden’s comments recorded for posterity during the 2012 Vice Presidential Debates against challenger Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin, the ticket of Obama – Biden promised a complete withdrawal of American forces from the Afghanistan Theater of War by 2014. With little room for equivocation, Vice President Biden stated, “With regard to Afghanistan, he [Obama] said he will end the war in 2014.” Later in the debate, the Veep also painted a clear picture that no Americans would be involved in any combat operations, “… we will not go on joint patrols. We will not train in the field. We’ll only train in the — in the Army bases that exist there. But we are leaving. We are leaving in 2014. Period.”

Later in the same debate, Rep. Ryan defended both his and running mate Mitt Romney’s position as to not have a set date to withdrawal all American troops, “what any administration will do in 2013 is assess the situation to see how best to complete this timeline. What we do not want to do…” It was then that Biden interrupted by flatly stating, “We will leave in 2014.”

Yet the obvious reared its ugly head in late 2014 as Reuters and the Independent Newspapers consortium of Cape Town, South Africa, both on Nov. 30, 2014, reported that what has begun as hushed whispers in the nation’s capital has been verified as true. While unconfirmed reports of reliable sources bubbling to the surface by Reuters (via the Washington Free Press) as early as mid-November of 2014 that the United States would leave upwards of 10,000 troops available for combat actually in-country, most American media organizations spilled very little ink reporting Team Obama – Biden promised in 2012 something clearly and without reservation quite different.

Overseas news organizations, such as The Philippines Star verified in late November, 2014 that 9,800 American troops will remain in-country, while typical American news sources, much like the cited report from Reuters have generically reported that only a “few thousand” American troops will be the bulwark of the 12,000 man NATO contingent, ostensibly slated to train and advise the Afghan National Army.

Biden’s campaign lie: ‘We are leaving [Afghanistan] in 2014. Period.’


The standing joke in the world of politics is that campaign promises are often broken. But much like the old school Mafiosos unwritten law that women and kids are off limits, it’s widely understood within the Washington, DC belt line that our troops in uniform aren’t to have their collective fates carelessly bandied about in the form of balloon juice by any given politician.

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Walking with robotic legs, Marine decorated for personal valor in combat


Captain Derek Herrera, USMC (Retired) vowed he would leave his beloved Corps the same way he came in, on his own two legs. But as reported by KTXL of Sacramento, Calif. on Nov. 23, 2014, and also by the Los Angeles Times on Nov. 22, 2014, the disabled Leatherneck departed the service of his country not only donning ground-breaking medical equipment, but also with a rather prestigious medal presented for his personal valor on the field of battle pinned to his chest.

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As America re-enters Iraq, Obama’s slams the nation’s ‘suck it up’ attitude

“We have to change a culture that says you suck it up.” – Barack Obama

In a terse announcement by the Associated Press via the Tulsa World (of Oklahoma) on Sept. 20, 2014, 2,203 American servicemen have been killed in action in the almost 14 years worth of combat in the Central Asian nation of Afghanistan. Perhaps it’s ironic that The Boston Globe reported on June 6, 2014 on Barack Obama’s recent comment that the nation’s “suck it up” mentality must come to an end. The 6th of June, 2014 also happens to be the 70th anniversary of the Allied landings in Normandy, France during the Second World War.

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Bergdahl’s ballet teacher rationalizes desertion: He “had a bad day”

“And yes, he did walk off the base, so by technicality, that does make him one [a deserter], but…”

As the Canadian singer-songwriter and pop music one hit wonder Daniel Powter once crooned to the world “‘Cause you had a bad day, you’re taking one down, you sing a sad song just to turn it around.” Ironically, the family name of the British Columbian tune-smith along with the title of his only hit could be the reason why Bowe Bergdahl’s former roommate and ballet instructor gives him the benefit of the doubt regarding more than a few of his former comrades in arms accuse him of desertion in the face of the enemy, as reported by Fox News on June 3, 2014. Continue reading “Bergdahl’s ballet teacher rationalizes desertion: He “had a bad day””

Newsman chokes up interviewing parents of soldier killed searching for Bergdahl

“It’s a big cover-up like Benghazi, just like everything Obama has done…”

Despite almost an entire lifetime of training and experience in any given profession one may have gained, there are times when emotions overcome the senses. As reported by the conservative leaning news portal on June 3, 2014, that is exactly what happened to a Fox News anchor earlier the same day.

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Über-PC Brits investigating ‘inappropriate actions’ of troops fighting Islamo-terrorism

US Marine Lt. Colonel killed leading counter-attack armed only with a pistol…

At least two fighting men assigned to the Royal Air Force’s ground combat element in Afghanistan, the No. 51 Squadron RAF Regiment, are under investigation by the higher-ups 3,500 miles from the battlefield over a video purportedly showing yet-to-be identified members of the Regiment giving a hearty thumbs-up after dispatching Taliban/al-Qaeda insurgents to the next life after the little know, but viscous and bloody Battle of Bastion in Afghanistan’s Helmand Province fought during the night of Sept. 14, 2012. As published by both The Belfast Telegraph (Northern Ireland) and also by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), both on May 10, 2014, the British government considers the taking of so-called “trophy photos” taken with dead enemy strictly verboten.

Thusly, the recently surfaced video has raised concerns at RAF headquarters in High Wycombe, England if there has been a case of “mistreatment of deceased enemy personnel” by any of Her Majesty’s Armed Forces.

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Revenge: Afghan parents hack nose, ears off cleric accused of molesting child

“I cut off his ears and nose. I don’t know if a cat ate his ears, but his nose went down the drain…” 

There are some things that all parents have in common, regardless of geography or culture. Arguably, one of those things would be the burning desire by family, especially parents, for revenge against any individual who wold visit violence on their children. As reported by Pakistan Today and also by (Britain’s) The Daily Mail both on April 30, 2014, both mother and father of an Afghan teen have been arrested for taking a knife to a Muslim cleric who reportedly is under investigation for the sexual molestation of their 14-year-old girl.

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Sold by father: Six-year-old Afghan child bride saved by American beauty queen (Video)

American beauty queen comes to the rescue …

Sounding more like a tale from the 7th century instead of the 21st, a six-year-old Afghan girl was sold into virtual slavery by her own father as so he could pay off his debts, only to eventually be saved by an American from an arraigned marriage to a grown man, as reported by Anna Coren of CNN via KMSS TV-33 of Shreveport, LA on April 8, 2014.

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Marine Awarded Silver Star: Saves Wounded Comrade, Kills Mucho Bad Guys

silver-starA Camp Pendleton, California Marine was awarded the nation’s third highest award for personal heroism in a combat situation, as reported by both The Marine Corps Times and The San Diego Union Tribune on Jan. 7, 2014.

While assigned to Combat Support Adviser Team, Regimental Combat Team 6 in July of 2012, Staff Sergeant Timothy Williams was on a joint patrol with four other Marines and 11 Afghan soldiers in search of a Taliban weapons cache when they were ambushed by 20-35 Taliban insurgents.

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British editor predicts Kabul government will ‘lose Helmand to Taliban’

Marines slug it out for Helmand against the Taliban.

On the heels of the news of al-Qaeda terrorists capturing the same Iraqi cities American troops and their allies fought so hard to free, a British editor is predicting that after the NATO troop withdrawal from Afghanistan, the Taliban eventually will retake control of Helmand province, as reported by Britain’s Sky News Service on Jan. 7, 2014.

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Women Marines still aren’t held to the same standard as men

Marines fix bayonets as they prepare to enter into the fray in Fallujah, Iraq.
Marines fix bayonets as they prepare to enter into the fray in Fallujah, Iraq.

Almost completely ignored by the American news media, a very hush-hush blow was delivered to the social engineers in the Obama-controlled Pentagon as the Marine Corps very quietly announced that the scheduled change in physical strength requirements for women would be delayed for at least a year, as reported by the right-of-center Cybercast News Service ( and the left-of-center National Public Radio news (NPR), both on Dec. 27, 2013.

Never held to task to perform dead hang pull-ups as men are required as part of the Marine Corps PFT (Physical Fitness Test), women were scheduled as of Jan. 1, 2014 to successfully execute three dead hand (no body momentum) pull-ups as part of the three event strength and endurance test.

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