Heather Nauert ‘leading candidate’ to take over UN post

I don’t know which of these two is more amazing:

  1. Heather Nauert’s two-year meteoric rise from Fox News host to leading contender to take over Nikki Haley’s ambassadorship at the United Nations.
  2. With little effort, Nauert has the ability pass herself as a college cheerleader. But in actuality, the mother of two sons is actually a handful of weeks away from celebrating her 49th birthday.

One thing’s for sure, when it comes to brains and beauty, Nauert is certainly a winner in the genetic lottery.

UN’s ‘Gay Envoy’ slams religious freedom

Godless gays on parade. (Wiki)
Godless gays on parade. Chick repellant incarnate. (Wiki)

Deeply ingrained in the American mindset is that every one of us has the civic right to worship, or not worship as the case may be, as each of us sees fit. Continue reading “UN’s ‘Gay Envoy’ slams religious freedom”