Andrea Tantaros booted from Fox News – at least for now

maxresdefaultSeen by many as the veritable pin up girl for every conservative, red blooded, American male, the Fox News Channel (FNC) has at least for the time being dropped one of the more popular on air personalities. As reported by Josh Feldman of the Mediaite news portal, and also by Chris Ariens of TVNewser, both on Apr. 27, 2016, fan favorite Andrea Tantaros has at least for now been taken off the network’s schedule. Continue reading “Andrea Tantaros booted from Fox News – at least for now”

Über-Conservo-Hotties Body Slam Obama’s Obsession with Fox News

Andrea Tantaros.
Andrea Tantaros.

Of the many young, intelligent, unabashedly conservative, and in all honesty blessed with beauty pageant winner looks, two pundits in the world of politics have taken to the micro-blogging site hammering Barack Obama’s recent interview with Fox News’ Bill O’Reilley last Sunday, as posted by the right-of-center Twitter watchdog site and news portal on Feb. 3, 2014.

Fox News contributor and regular on the highly rated panel discussion show The Five, and possibly the best thing to come out of Greece since democracy and yogurt, Andrea Tantaros took to to opine of Barack Obama’s (as many have accused him) obsession with Fox News:

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