British war dog rips throat out of offending jihadist, saves lives of six SAS troops

Adversaries of the British Army’s SAS (Special Air Service) find death awaiting them in the most creative ways.

Quite possibly, these special operators may consider dispatching their enemies with the standard bullets, bayonets, and bombs to be somewhat passé.

After all, it was just a few short weeks ago that the British MoD (Ministry of Defence) decided to make public that an SAS sergeant stationed in Afghanistan killed six Taliban, three with his pistol, then the remainder with a claw hammer.

Now the word on the street is that an SAS war dog single-pawedly thwarted a jihadi ambush in Syria.

While the ISIS Islamists once controlled nearly half of Syria, the terrorist organization is now reduced to holding a smattering of villages in the nation’s north and east.

It was during a six-man SAS sweep of a nondescript village in the north of Syria that a yet to be publicly identified Belgian Malinois became a one-dog army.

The Belgian Malinois is closely related to the German Shepard. Both breeds are favored by the military for their fierce loyalty to their handlers as well as their savage ferocity in battle.

As reported by London’s The Daily Mail;

They had just entered a small village in a convoy of armoured vehicles when they got out to continue the recce on foot.

But soon after they left the safety of the convoy, they were attacked on all sides by waiting jihadis in what was described as a ‘360 degree ambush’.

The SAS men returned fire but the jihadis began closing in and tried to outflank them.

The animal was said to have leapt to the defence of the struggling British soldiers, tearing the throat of on gunman who was firing at the patrol.

It then turned on two other jihadis, leaving them seriously injured before the other six ambushers all fled.

Furthermore, the Daily Mail quoted an unnamed source (via Britain’s the Daily Star);

‘The initiative was with the terrorists and the only hope for the British was to try and make a run for it.

‘The handler removed the dog’s muzzle and directed him into a building from where they were coming under fire.

‘They could hear screaming and shouting before the firing from the house stopped.

‘When the team entered the building they saw the dog standing over a dead gunman.

‘His throat had been torn out and he had bled to death,’ the source continued, ‘There was also a lump of human flesh in one corner and a series of blood trails leading out of the back of the building.

‘The dog was virtually uninjured. The SAS were able to consolidate their defensive position and eventually break away from the battle without taking any casualties.’

The SAS commander in charge of the patrol credited the dog with directly saving the lives of all six of the men.

Trump Interviews Gold Star Father, Marine General – Also Considers Hawaii Democrat

General Kelly and Rep. Gabbard. (Wikimedia-Commons)
General Kelly and Rep. Gabbard. (Wikimedia-Commons)

“Hell, these are Marines. Men like them held Guadalcanal and took Iwo Jima. Baghdad ain’t shit.” – General John Kelly.

President-Elect Donald Trump is again raising eyebrows regarding two individuals he’s interviewed for possible cabinet positions – Gen. John Kelly, USMC (Retired), and Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hawaii). Continue reading “Trump Interviews Gold Star Father, Marine General – Also Considers Hawaii Democrat”

Military looking into chance that plague virus may have been ‘mishandled’

VLUU L200  / Samsung L200
VLUU L200 / Samsung L200

Forget about much the ballyhooed Zombie Apocalypse that film and television producers have romanticized to the point of becoming a cultural phenomenon. The American people may find themselves busy just dealing with a standard, run of the mill apocalypse that could kill millions.

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Women in combat – Be careful what you ask for

Bombs away.

The Obama appointees running the United States Institute of Social Engineering (also known as the Pentagon) are simply giddy with excitement over a handful of The Fairer Sex passing the basic physical strength and endurance requirements for the US Army’s “elite” Ranger School. The following expected from the prospective Rangers on Day One:

  • 49 push-ups in two minutes
  • 59 sit-ups in two minutes
  • 5-mile run in less than 40 minutes
  • 6 chin-ups

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Combat veteran? Joni Ernst and the Everyone-Gets-A-Trophy mentality

Army combat badges.

Editorial – Confession of a REMF

If there’s one thing we conservatives love to point to as indicative of the over-inflated egos of America’s under-achieving youth, it’s the trophy mentality. Normally awarded by AYSO, the standard Most Improved at Staring at Clouds Instead of Paying Attention to the Game or Top Butt Scratcher or even the ever popular amongst bench warmers everywhere, trophies such as the Lungs Exchanged Oxygen for Carbon Dioxide are the usual offenders.

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Feds knew months ago, only now is warning ISIS targeting military wives and kids


With the terrorist group ISIS airing videos of their grisly beheadings of hostages with regularity, their recent threat against everyday Americans may have unwittingly brought to light that the U.S. government is so large, bloated and bureaucratic, America could possibly be the proverbial giant that can’t tie its own shoes. As reported by Fox News via the news portal on Oct. 3, 2014, a U.S. Army intelligence warning is getting the word out to military personnel and their families to exercise vigilance after ISIS called on its many supporters to “scour social media for addresses of their family members — and to ‘show up [at their homes] and slaughter them.'”

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Jerusalem’s call for Arab Christians to volunteer for Israeli Defence Forces

Depending who you talk to, Israel’s military recruitment efforts aimed at young Arab Christians has either been a dismal failure or a step in the right direction, albeit a slow one. A prime example would be the two very different takes on the same story as reported by the openly tilted “supporters of the Palestinian cause” left-of-center Middle East Monitor news portal on April 23, 2014, and also reported on the opposite end of the spectrum by the self-described “Jewish and Israel news for Jewish media” internet portal The Jewish and Israel News Service on April 22, 2014.

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Arab-Christian Woman Determined to Serve and Defend Israel

“I would sacrifice my life for the State of Israel and all of its citizens …”

With Bedouin and Druze Muslims possibly serving Israel as her inspiration, Staff Sergeant Mona Liza Abdo isn’t just proud of her Christian Faith or her Arab heritage or simply her Israeli citizen … she’s proud of being a leader in the Israeli Army.

As recently cited on the official weblog of the Israeli Defence Force (IDF), SSgt Abdo recently completed her third year in the IDF, which is a year longer than Israeli Jewish women are required by law.

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