Chrissy ‘Fredo’ Cuomo in Vulgar Rant, Threatens Violence

Crazed Chris flips out over Fredo.

CNN’s Chris Cuomo when into complete and total melt-down regarding someone referring to him as “Fredo”. Continue reading “Chrissy ‘Fredo’ Cuomo in Vulgar Rant, Threatens Violence”

Democrat Wilson’s Slimy Attack: ‘I Don’t Trust’ CBP Agents with Girls ‘Going Through Puberty’

Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Frederica Wilson.

Florida Congresswoman Frederica Wilson (D) appeared on national television to paint a portrait of United States Customs and Border Protection agents in the most degrading manner humanly possible. Continue reading “Democrat Wilson’s Slimy Attack: ‘I Don’t Trust’ CBP Agents with Girls ‘Going Through Puberty’”

Atlanta Applebee’s: Four thug women beat, slash waitress over bumped knee

Four women were caught on surveillance video of an Applebee’s restaurant in an Atlanta suburb of beating, and eventually slashing with a knife, a waitress who accidentally bumped the knee of one of the four as she served them their dinner.

As seen in the video report from FOX5 Atlanta, things actually turned uber-violent when the server accidentally brushed-up against the same offended customer’s knee a second time.

With an obvious physical appearance belying the fact that all four of the thug women could stand to skip a meal or twenty, the felonious clean plate club in unison attacked the hapless waitress.

Applebee’s staff and a handful of patrons were seen on the video attempting the impossible, separating the half-ton plus of violent femmes from the waitress, who appeared to weigh all of a buck and a quarter.

Only when someone shouted, “The police are coming!” did the Flab Four casually retrieved their purses and waddled out of the restaurant.

But prior to exiting, one of the ass-a-plenty assailants took a swipe at the waitress’s arm with a steak knife.

To add insult to injury, the hungry, hungry hoodlums also swiped from the server’s apron somewhere between $200 to $300 of her tip money.

Netanyahu sends none-too-subtle threat to Iran’s ayatollahs

Israel sends a message to Iran. (Wiki)
Israel’s Netanyahu sends a message to Iran. (Wiki)

In the cold calculations of possible thermo-nuclear strike, sometimes a nice word might momentarily confuse your enemy. It’s also just the polite thing to do. Continue reading “Netanyahu sends none-too-subtle threat to Iran’s ayatollahs”

Intel reports: ‘Significant concern’ US facing triple al-Qaeda threats

Despite Barack Obama’s campaign promises of the al Qaeda terror network being “on its heels” and “on the run,” CNN is reporting on May 20, 2014 that both the United States and our Western European allies are facing a three faceted threat from the global jihadists, which in turn has is the catalyst for “significant concern inside the U.S. intelligence community.” The Washington Free Beacon news portal also made note on May 20, 2014 that the CNN Pentagon beat corespondent is privvy to inside information that the US-born al Qaeda operations and planning honcho in Pakistan, Abdullah al-Shami is being “closely monitored by American intelligence.”

Continue reading “Intel reports: ‘Significant concern’ US facing triple al-Qaeda threats”