2017 Flashback: Border Patrol Agent Murdered w/ Rocks

Almost exactly one year ago, Agent Rogelio Martinez of the U.S. Customs and Border Protection agency was murdered in the line of duty when attacked by a group of illegal aliens.

Sadly, a brother agent was also seriously wounded in the same attack. The CBP hasn’t released the name of Agent Martinez’s partner, only stating that he was listed in “serious condition.”

I just wanted to remind all these rice paper blossoms throwing conniption fits over President Trump’s recent comments that any would-be illegal aliens who assault US officials would be considered as armed assailants.

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Obama administration to Border Patrol: Run away, hide

“Under scrutiny from the Mexican government …”

As directed from Washington, DC, if Border Patrol agents should find themselves having rocks, bricks or automobiles “potentially” posing a risk to their lives — just run away and/or hide, as reported by both the Arizona Republic and the McClatchy News Service via the Star-Telegram of Fort Worth, TX, on March 7, 2014.

In a previously secret, but now obtained by the Arizona Republic, a memorandum from Border Patrol Chief Michael Fisher to all personnel within the Department of Homeland Security agency cites that since 2007, three agents have been killed while 6,000 have been injured in various types of assaults.

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