The Untouchable, Bulletproof and Teflon-Coated Barack Hussein Obama

“The issue is now clear. It is between light and darkness and everyone must choose his side…”

Ronald Reagan was made out of Teflon. Bill Clinton was simply bulletproof. Barack Obama? That guy is both as well as untouchable.


The litany of abuses and scandals that swirl around Obama as well as nip at the heels of his administration could at least be described as dizzying.

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Obama’s Arrogance Highlighted by Left-Leaning Politico

Obamacus Maximus
Obamacus Maximus

“Satan fell by force of gravity, by taking himself too gravely” – GK Chesterton

It’s never a pretty thing then the scales fall from the eyes of sycophants.

The wailing, the crying, the gnashing of teeth… all very unpleasant. Very Old Testamenty.

So reality is finally dawning on the Obama Lapdog Media that many of Mr. Soetoro’s promises are as empty as beer bottles after a Marine’s wetting down party while crossing the equator on a payday Friday.

That’s a lot of empty beer bottles.

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