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Liberal Press Furious: Buddhist Monks Slams Islam, ‘Animals Who Eat with Their Asses’

The Western press usually gets all weak in the knees when it comes to Buddhism, but not since the Venerable  Ashin Wirathu expressed some very unpopular opinions regarding the so-called Religion of Peace.to the

Everyone from The Guardian to The Australian to MSN.com to something called Medium.com (which calls for an end of “Western injustices against Muslims“) to the once honorable Time magazine (who refers to the monk as “The face of Buddhist terror”) are all shedding crocodile tears over Wirathu’s condemnation of Islam in the Southeast nation Myanmar.

Formerly known as Burma, the Myanmar government finds itself knee-deep in a jihadist insurgency fomented by the nation’s Rohingya Muslim minority.

Rarely reported are instances such as when a Rohinga imam Nazir Hossain preached to local jihadis preparing to launch a sneak attack on a police station, “As imam, I encouraged them never to step back from their mission. I told them that if they did not fight to the death, the military would come and kill their families, their women and their children.”

But back to Ven. Wirathu – he upset the apple cart by publicly stating that;

Rohingya Muslims as “animals who eat with their asses.”

“Do these animals [Rohinga Muslims] eat with their asses when they have meals?” Wirathu asked a large group of supporters. “For example, do they put their rice into their bottoms instead of their mouths? When they go to toilets, do they invert their asses and excrete from their mouths?”

He added that Rohinga Muslims are “beasts, who are opposite to all in everything, and are claiming they are natives of Myanmar.” And in earlier sermons has warned Muslims “target innocent Burmese girls and rape them.”


Malaysia: Judge warns Hindu, Buddhist statues ‘hurt feelings, threaten’ Muslims

“It hurts people’s feelings…”

Despite Islam constitutionally recognized as the nation’s official religion, the South East Asian country has also declared by law that a number of non-Islamic holy days as state holidays. Nonetheless, a prominent retired judge has called out both the Hindu and Buddhist minorities of not only hurting the feelings of the nation’s Muslim majority, but also causing the followers of Mohammed feel threatened, as reported by the news portals Malaysian Digest on April 17, 2014, and also by the Malay Mail Online on April 16, 2014.

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