Whopping 98 People Attend Joe Biden Campaign Rally (Video)

Creepy Uncle Joe has his sights set on you.

What very well may could had read “Less than 100 Accidentally Meandered into Biden Rally” actually took place at the Hotel Ottumwa in eastern Iowa.

Possibly part of Creepy Joe Biden’s You Damn Kids Get The Hell Off My Lawn tour, reporter Kyle Olson of The American Mirror notes that a mere 98 souls attended a Biden for President campaign rally in the Greater Metropolitan Ottumwa-Chillicothe-Batavia Area (video below).

Just as an interesting comparison, when President Trump visited the Hawkeye State last year, he drew approximately 10,000 people during a non-campaign visit to Council Bluffs.

Liberal Reporter *Thinks* She Hung Up the Phone, Ends Up Calling GOP Candidate ‘F***ing John James’

Is “the liberal media” a real thing? Does honest and objective reporting even exist in these partisan times?

If what just happened with reporter (now ex-reporter) Brenda Battel, this whole episode could very well be just another nail for conservatives in hammering down the journalistic coffin.

Obviously not knowing how to hang up a telephone, Battel left a very matter of fact message on Republican candidate for the US Senate, John James.

After she thought she was done leaving her rather generic message, that’s when things went off the rails for Battel.

Brenda Battel.
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Hillary’s ‘mystery man’ raises eyebrows

Who is the mystery man? (Youtube)
Who is the mystery man? (Youtube)

Is he part of her campaign staff? Possibly a Secret Service agent? Maybe he’s some sort of emergency medical technician.¬†Whoever he is, his identity is a bit of a mystery to both the media and the general public. Continue reading “Hillary’s ‘mystery man’ raises eyebrows”