Brits pledge over £18,000 to defend ‘Jihad Johnny’

James-Foley-Killer-620x424Few in the Western world would deny even the most despicable of characters a valid legal defense to defend themselves of crimes accused in a court of law. Yet what has many in the United Kingdom raising their eyebrows are the reports bubbling to the surface regarding a number of Britons raising the equivalent of $27,000 to defend the individual dubbed “Jihad Johnny” by the international press, and identified by the British government as the executioner of a number of American, British, and Japanese citizens.

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Cardiac fundraiser scratched; Deemed racist, exploitive by one person

Is Salma Hayek’s Arab half exploiting her Mexican half? (Photo, above)

What was initially planned as a joint fraternity/sorority charity event at one of the nation’s leading colleges has since been cancelled due to one individual decrying the theme of the fund raiser as not only derogatory but also personally insulting to her Mexican bloodline and culture. As reported by the right-of-center The Daily Caller on April 26, 2014, and also by the conservative-leaning Campus Reform youth oriented news portal, and The Dartmouth college paper, both on April 25, 2014, the Alpha Phi sorority and Phi Delta Alpha fraternity of New Hampshire’s Dartmouth College have cancelled their long planned for South-of-the-Border-based “Phiesta” benefit for cardiac patients because a singular student complained.

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