Tennessee co-ed triggers anti-gun liberals with graduation picture

Young Brenna Spencer isn’t exactly shy when it comes to sharing the following;

  • Her political affiliation
  • Her affinity for the Second Amendment
  • Her being a winner in the genetic lottery

The comely 22-year-old University of Tennessee at Chattanooga senior has decided to pose for her graduation photo in a fashion that has (no pun intended) triggered libturds everywhere.

As ABC News reported, Spencer purposefully posed with her pistol to “show who I am as a person.”

Spencer also added;

I did think that it would get a little attention but not to this degree. It was really, really surprising to see the amount of hate that I got.

However, Twitter aficionado Jim Sydoriak probably said it best;

The PoliSci major is due to graduate this May.

Another example of Spencer showing off her assets.brenna-spencer1

Terrorism prevention; Pentagon directs recruiters to close the blinds


In the wake of the latest Islamic jihadist attack on unarmed American servicemen, six different governors have authorized their respective National Guard soldiers, to include National Guard recruiters, to carry firearms to protect themselves from another Chattanooga Massacre. Meanwhile, the Pentagon is issuing orders to U.S. Armed Forces recruiters that won’t stop bullets, but may help cut down on the air conditioning bill.

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Time for the Aussie – Israeli solution


If you like your failed Operation Inherent Resolve, you can keep your failed Operation Inherent Resolve.

Four dead Marines, one wounded Marine, one wounded sailor, one wounded police officer in Chattanooga. Don’t forget the two soldiers killed a few years ago at the Army recruiting office in Arkansas, or those cut down at the Washington Navy Yard, or those slaughtered at Fort Hood, or the scores killed or wounded at the Boston Marathon, etc, etc. The list goes on.

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