‘Nazi Pug video’ lands Scottish comedian a prison sentence

I’m fairly sure that when George Orwell had 1984 published it was meant as a cautionary tale. Instead, the British people have instead found the novel a totalitarian government’s DIY manual.

Sadly, the nation that gave us the Magna Carta has also sentenced as Scottish comedian to prison for his Orwellian thoughcrime.

As reported by Jack Montgomery of Breitbart (London edition), Mark Meechan (who goes by the Twitter handle of Count Dankula) has been found guilty of violating Britain’s notoriously vague hate crime laws.

With the offending video clip seen here, maintaining a respectable 130,000 internet subscribers, comedian Meechan of Lanarkshire in south-central Scotland, was found guilty of posting the verboten video to YouTube.

Teaching his girlfriend’s pet pug, Buddha, to raise his paw upon the command “Sieg Heil”, as well as watching Buddha react excitedly when asked “Do you wanna gas the Jews?”

Granted, his particular brand of humor may not be for everyone, but he did preface his video with a disclaimer;

Meechan, who says at the beginning of the offending video that its goal is to annoy his girlfriend by turning her pug into “the least cute thing that I could think of, which is a Nazi”, has always maintained that he is not a racist, and that the Nazis are in fact that a butt of the joke.

Yet what Meechan isn’t mentioning is that if his court social worker deems him unworthy of house arrest, then it’s off to one of Her Majesty’s Prisons. And of course if he is sentenced to house arrest, any slip-up be it purposeful or accidental, rest assured he’ll see the inside of a prison cell.

Meanwhile, Meechan was also quoted;

“We are considering the route of appeal, because there’s been a huge miscarriage of justice. I think it is a very, very dark day in regards to freedom of speech and freedom of expression,” Meechan told reporters after Sheriff Derek O’Carroll convicted him.