Anti-Confederate Hysteria: How Will History Judge Those Who Serve Present Day?

Official USMC photo for the Master Sergeant/First Sergeant promotion board.

My Military Nomenclature System Designation could possibly have been Whiteman, TK; MSgt; USMC; One Each; Combat; Expendable. Continue reading “Anti-Confederate Hysteria: How Will History Judge Those Who Serve Present Day?”

Anti-Confederate Hysteria: ESPN dumps sportscaster Robert Lee

Robert Lee (L) and Robert Lee (R).

Lee is one of those very few family names that crosses cultures.

  • Park can either be Korean or English
  • Hara is a common surname among the Irish and Japanese
  • The English family name of Lee is unrelated to the Irish Lee as well as the Korean and Chinese Lee

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Snowflake alert: Anti-Confederate hysteria hits Maryland



Maryland arguably has the coolest flag of all the 56 states, commonwealths, territories, and the singular district that all fly under the Stars and Stripes. That is, if you’re big into European heraldry.

But as cool as the Calvert family coat of arms consisting of alternating quarter squares of the yellow-and-black colors of his father’s family and the red-and-white colors of his mother’s family, the Crosslands, we now have to deal with crazed “There’s a Confederate hiding under my bed!” hysteria casting not only disparaging remarks, but also flat-out historically wrong accusations against the Maryland colors. Continue reading “Snowflake alert: Anti-Confederate hysteria hits Maryland”