Coptic bishop found dead; head hacked open ‘with a sharp, heavy object’

ISIS terrorists in Egypt.

It’s simply a matter of historical fact that Christianity predates Islam in Egypt by at least 600 years.
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Historic moment; Muslim leader avenges murdered Christians

Egyptian Christians stand with President al-Sisi against ISIS.

In what many Western and Middle Eastern Christians have been asking for years, especially since the rise of al-Qaeda and ISIS, a leader of a predominantly Muslim nation has militarily hammered the Islamic Jihadists specifically to avenge the murder of Christians. As reported by CNN and also by The New York Times, both on Feb. 16, 2015, Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi has authorized at least two different waves of Egyptian fighter-bomber aircraft to attack ISIS troop concentrations and facilities to avenge the tortuous execution of Christians of Egyptian citizenship.

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ISIS burns Kurdish Muslims alive, beheads Egyptian Christians

ISIS reportedly slaughters Kurdish Muslims, Egyptian Christians.

While popularity polls and positive sound bytes are ever so important to Western politicians, the steadily strengthening ISIS terrorist army gives the very real impression they could give a Tinker’s Damn less what the Western press, politicians or self-appointed hash tag diplomats think of them. Case in point would be the reports coming out of the Middle East and North Africa that the Islamic Jihadists have not only have charged forward in their seemingly non-stop butchery of innocents, they also have stepped up their death by fire executions of anyone with the backbone to fight back.

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