John Brennan Accused as ‘The Mastermind of Conspiracy to Frame Donald Trump’

Ex-Director of the CIA, John Brennan. Since accused by Joe diGenova as the man behind the attempted coup of President Trump.

“Loretta Lynch was too dumb to be allowed to lead it.” – Joe diGenova

Joe diGenova, the man who was the United States Attorney for the District of Columbia back in the 1980s, has accused Barack Obama’s then Director of the CIA John Brennan as the mover and shaker behind the attempted coup d’état seeking to force President Trump from office. Continue reading “John Brennan Accused as ‘The Mastermind of Conspiracy to Frame Donald Trump’”

Sen. Lindsey Graham Drops ‘F-Bomb’ on National TV

Sen. Lindsey Graham: F-bombs away.

In today’s US Senate’s Judiciary Committee chaired by Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC), the Palmetto State’s senior senator may not so subtly dropped an F-bomb while most of the television networks were carrying the hearings live. Continue reading “Sen. Lindsey Graham Drops ‘F-Bomb’ on National TV”

Dem congressman dangerously close to calling for military overthrow of president

As actor John Vernon’s character of Captain Fletcher stated so eloquently in the film, The Outlaw Josey Wales, “Don’t piss down my back and tell me it’s raining.”

That’s pretty much the impression I had when I read today’s tweet shot out by Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN).

You remember Steve Cohen, don’t you? He’s the yutz that stupidly stated that disgraced FBI Special Agent Peter Strzok deserved the Purple Heart medal.

In response to President Trump’s Helsinki presser with Russian President Vladimir Putin, the congressman from Memphis let his felling known via Twitter;

Now’s the time to insert the line from Vernon;

Now Cohen is making noise claiming he never called for a military coup;

In true liberal fashion, Cohen thinks the American people are utterly and completely stupid. I can’t speak for anyone else, but Mr. Cohen, I know exactly what you meant.

In the meantime, enjoy the response to Cohen by the aptly-tagged @Justin_Case;

Perhaps medically retired Marine, SSgt Johnny “Joey” Jones who lost both legs in combat, giving his thoughts on Cohen stating how much Strzok “deserves” a Purple Heart said it best;


Turkey: Successful Coup Underway at NATO Allied Nation

Successful coup in Turkey.
Successful coup in Turkey.

One of the most strategically situated NATO member nations has American-made F-16 fighter-bomber jets streaking low over Istanbul and Ankara. Not ending there, troops, tanks and armored personnel carriers are also patrolling the streets throughout the nation’s capital city of Ankara. Continue reading “Turkey: Successful Coup Underway at NATO Allied Nation”