Joe Biden: The Foreign Policy Expert that has Forty Years of ‘Getting Things Wrong’

Rocking the Skullet. Amazingly, Biden has thicker hair and less wrinkles than he did decades ago.
That’s what being a phony is all about.

Not all that long ago, I penned an article with the headline of “When the Hell did Joe Biden Become a Working-Class Hero?”

Indeed. No matter how hard the Democrat Party’s Ministry of Propaganda (the media) and the Democrats themselves try to portray Creepy Uncle Joe instead as “Lunchbox Joe” will ultimately fail.

Mainly due to Biden’s own work history. After all, Biden started drawing a government paycheck at the age of 28. He’s now 77.

Keep in mind that the taxpayers signed the front of Biden’s paycheck for nearly half a century. By the way, he’s also worth a nifty $1 million.

But with all that aside, as far back as 2008, the reliably leftist CNN breathlessly proclaimed;

“Sen. Barack Obama, who chose a foreign policy expert with roots in Pennsylvania and an appeal to blue-collar voters as his running mate, wasted little time explaining his decision Saturday.

In choosing Sen. Joe Biden, Obama got what he described as a “scrappy kid from Scranton” — a battle-tested politician whose job will be to help fill perceived gaps in Obama’s résumé”

Ugh. OK, CNN… you can get up off your knees now.

Let’s fast forward to present day. Rep. Brian Babin (R-TX) took to the House floor to hold Biden to task for his supposed foreign policy expertise.

As noted from Rep. Babin’s House website;

“Former Vice President Joe Biden has been in the news a lot lately, along with the predictable narrative that he has a distinguished record on matters of foreign policy,” said Babin. “But if you actually look at his record, you’ll see that the opposite is true. As former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates said, “I think [Biden] has been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades.”

In his speech, Babin outlines Biden’s four decades of getting things wrong in Washington as a U.S. Senator and Vice President. Including:

1) Biden’s opposition to the Reagan policies of the 80’s that broke the Soviet Union and led to the end of the Cold War;

2) Biden’s opposition to the 1991 Gulf War that liberated Kuwait, widely regarded as one of the most justified and successful military operations in modern American history;

3) Biden’s flip-flop on his support for the 2003 Iraq War, and his prediction that “The Surge” of troops would make things worse for American forces in that conflict; and

4) Biden’s final piece of advice to President Obama when weighing the decision to authorize the mission that killed Osama Bin Laden: “Mr. President, my suggestion is, don’t go.”

Ahh, but the truth of Biden’s track record of failure now hitting social media has spread to the airwaves.

As seen in the video below, the trio of co-hosts of the FNC’s morning program Fox & Friends all posited the relationship between Barack Obama and Biden.

But it was the quotes and questions raised by Brian Kilmeade that raise quite a bit of concern (emphasis mine);

“Or does the President [Obama] know, even though he loves Joe Biden, that he is not capable of being president?”

“Ben Rhodes [Obama’s Deputy National Security Advisor] says, according to this, he would sit in a room and Biden would be unguided missile in conversations, just take things on a tangent. James Comey described how Biden would take meetings off track every time they were together.”

“We know that Gates, who was Secretary of Defense for a while, says the Vice President has been wrong on every single foreign policy decision over the last four decades and David Plouffe was the one who was brought in by Obama to explain to Joe Biden you can’t win in 2016. The question is, there’s radio silence now in 2020. What does President Obama know that we’re all about to find out?”