(Video) Pelosi’s $96 a Gallon Extravagant Ice Cream Fits Nicely in Her Luxury $24,000 Fridge

There was a time when Republicans would use the phrase “Don’t drink the Kool-Aid” to warn their conservative brethren from giving even the slightest whiff of legitimacy to Leftist political thought. Continue reading “(Video) Pelosi’s $96 a Gallon Extravagant Ice Cream Fits Nicely in Her Luxury $24,000 Fridge”

The Sanders $15 Hourly Wage Only Ensures the Working Poor STAY Poor

Interesting that Lent is upon us. I forced myself to watch about an hour’s worth of the Jack-Ass Party debate in South Carolina. That alone must clear me of at least a couple of centuries off my time in Purgatory.

Nonetheless, Comrade Sanders sure does make a lot of noise regarding his promised $15 an hour federal minimum wage.

Maybe someone said something on TV… maybe all the tumblers were lined up properly in my noggin, but I distinctly remember Bolshevik Bernie droning on about $29,000 and alleged “free” health coverage.

I also remember Sanders promised upping the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour, which is clearly noted on the official Bernie Sanders campaign website.

So let’s do the math;

  • Anyone who works 37.18 hours per week X $15 an hour = $557.70 of pay per week.
  • $557.7 of pay per week X 52 weeks per year = $29,000.40 per year.

But on another of the official Sanders for president websites, the magic and maximum amount a person can make to qualify for “free” health care is any amount up to $29,000 a year.

  • Creating a 4 percent income-based premium paid by employees, exempting the first $29,000 in income for a family of four.

Hmmm… so if any given individual is only wage earner for his family of four, and also happens to work 37.18 hours per week (which is $29,000.40 a year), his “free” health coverage costs him four percent over his first $29,000 of his income. But just for the heck of it, let’s say mom also works 37.18 hours per week at $15 an hour.

Four percent of $29,000.40 means mom and dad must pay $1160.02 a year for their “free” coverage. Remember, even if mom and dad just so happen to have a sweet healthcare plan at work, Sanders kills all private health insurance.

In other words, this hypothetical family pays $96.67 a month for their “free” healthcare costs. Shitty health care, at that.

One other thing, Sanders attempts to paint his insurance scheme as cheaper than what folks pay now. Sadly for Bernie, he uses the worst case scenario. He ignores that many workers have some pretty sweet coverage through their unions, etc.

But Sanders will make all private insurance illegal. We all will now have the health coverage that most in Britain, Germany and Sweden have.

And it’s a fact that waiting upwards of eight months to finally have scheduled chemo in Britain simply isn’t all that rare. By then, it’s too late. The cancer has metastasized.

That’s the alleged “free” healthcare Bernie wants for everyone.

Watch as Bloomberg Insult Farmers, Industrial Workers; Somehow Lacking ‘Grey Matter’

Making his billions in the businesses of media, finance, and high tech data, ex-New York City mayor and current Jackass Party candidate for the presidency made clear in November of 2016 exactly what he thought of both American farmers and industrial workers. Continue reading “Watch as Bloomberg Insult Farmers, Industrial Workers; Somehow Lacking ‘Grey Matter’”

Watch Pete Buttigieg Hammer Every Trump Voter as Racists… All 63 Million

THIS is the face of the Democrat Party in 2020…

Don’t let the “Aw, shucks” boyish Midwestern looks fool you. The former mayor of South Bend, Indiana, is just as radical and at the extreme fringes of the Left as anything that’s ever been vomited up by Bernie Sanders, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, or Ilhan Omar.

Buttigieg has already made quite clear that he want to splurge billions of hard earned tax dollars on healthcare for the millions who have already entered this nation illegally. Hizzoner has already made clear that the taxpayers would pickup the medical tab for those in the future who enter the nation illegally.

Not ending there, his own official website touts a hare-brained idea to add 1 million more federal employees for more Socialist bureaucracies known as the Climate Corps, the Community Health Corps, and the Intergeneraltional Service Corps.

One need not be a genius to see how many more federal regulations would be resurrected by Buttigieg’s Climate Corps after President Trump has already axed them. Then there’s the massive government takeover of healthcare with the hundreds of thousands of federal workers to be signed-on to the Community Health Corps and the Intergeneraltional Service Corps.

A MASSIVE federal take over of everything home healthcare related… what could go wrong? (Sarcasm off.)

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But then there’s Buttigieg slamming all 63 million Americans who voted for Trump as “racists.” No provisions, no extenuating circumstances, no exceptions. All you Trumpers are simply racists… period. So sayeth St Pete. End of story.

As seen in the video below, Buttigieg was interviewed by CNN’s Jake Tapper (who, to his credit, actually asked some rather hard questions of the candidate);

“Republicans have been seizing, including in a new Trump ad, a statement you made that ‘Anyone who supported this president is, at best, looking the other way on racism.’ You’ve also said that on my show. That’s almost 63 million Americans who you’re painting with a pretty broad brush. Do you regret saying that at all?”

To wit, Buttigieg responded without hesitation;

“No. I’m very concerned about the racial division that this president has fostered, and I’m meeting a lot of voters who are no longer willing to look the other way on that, looking for a new political home.”

All Democrats just raised their hands for giving millions of illegal aliens unlimited healthcare. How about taking care of American Citizens first!? That’s the end of that race!

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In keeping with the Mein Kampf playbook of Big Government totalitarian tyrants everywhere, Buttigieg insists on perpetuating die große Lüge (the big lie).

After all, if you keep telling die große Lüge loud enough and long enough, the truly gullible will believe it to be the truth.

Pennsylvania Lawmaker Claims Miscarriage ‘Just Some Mess On A Napkin’; Turns Up Nose to ‘Respectful Internment’

Simply reading the quotes from Pennsylvania Rep. Wendy Ullman (D) just doesn’t convey her callousness and hard-hearted comments within the Keystone State’s General Assembly. Continue reading “Pennsylvania Lawmaker Claims Miscarriage ‘Just Some Mess On A Napkin’; Turns Up Nose to ‘Respectful Internment’”

Heartless Ohio Democrats Takes Cheap Shots at Barron Trump, He ‘May Need’ Special Olympics

Ohio Democrats Ellen Connally and Jocelyn Conwell.

In a totally classless and patently douchebag move, a former Cuyahoga County Council president and Cleveland Municipal Court judge (scumbag Democrat, of course) just took a major league cheap shot at a 13-year-old boy. Continue reading “Heartless Ohio Democrats Takes Cheap Shots at Barron Trump, He ‘May Need’ Special Olympics”

Beta O’Dork Conspired with his Billionaire Father-in-Law to Evict Thousands of Low-Income Mexican-Americans

Beto O’Rourke, fitting nicely into his daddy-in-law’s back pocket…

Remember when that YUGE scandal broke regarding ex-El Paso City Councilman Robert Francis O’Rourke conspired with his multi-billionaire father-in-law Bill Sanders to displace thousands of low-income American citizens of Mexican lineage, all to bulldoze their neighborhood to create a Yuppie paradise? Continue reading “Beta O’Dork Conspired with his Billionaire Father-in-Law to Evict Thousands of Low-Income Mexican-Americans”

Fake News Alert: CNN Identifies Virginia’s Gov Blackface as Republican

CNN gets it wrong.

Twenty minutes ago, I wouldn’t know a chyron from a Macron. But now, thanks to the good folks at Oxford Dictionaries, I’ve found out that a chyron is “An electronically generated caption superimposed on a television or cinema screen.”

Thanks, Oxford Doctionaries!

Anyhow, I know this may come as a shock to you, but in an aired segment regarding Governor Ralph “Blackface” Northam (D-VA), the chyron during Anderson Cooper’s segment listed Northam as a Republican, see video below.

Amazingly enough, this isn’t the first time leftists have gotten their party affiliations bass ackwards. Continue reading “Fake News Alert: CNN Identifies Virginia’s Gov Blackface as Republican”

Meet Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s likely replacement to the SCOTUS

Ruth Bader “Boozin’ ‘N’ Snoozin’” Ginsburg may seem like she attended law school with Moses, but in reality she’ll be turning 86 this March.

With that said, it’s a fair bet that RBG will be the next one to create an opening for a seat on the Supreme Court, either by resignation or the biological solution.

So it’s actually quite a timely moment to discuss just who might replace Ginsburg, and that person is the same one who came within a hairsbreadth of being named instead of Brett Kavanaugh. Namely, Judge Amy Coney Barrett.

Judge Amy Coney Barrett.

Continue reading “Meet Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s likely replacement to the SCOTUS”

Rep. Rosa DeLauro makes quite the cringe worthy fashion statement

Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro (D-CT) is quite famous for a number of reasons:

  • Arguably the most hard-left leaning member of the House of Representatives
  • Questionable fashion choices
  • Dealing with being born genetically unfortunate
  • Being excommunicated from the Catholic Church
  • An uncanny resemblance to Keith Richards


As cited by a couple of sharp-eyed watchers of C-SPAN (who managed to keep their eyes open long enough), DeLauro decided to rock the purple in a show of solidarity with the hungry and homeless.

Despite DeLauro’s somewhat different spin on hashtags instead of leadership, her one minute of wearing purple for the downtrodden doesn’t mention that she’s one of the wealthiest members of Congress.delauro-440x620

Cited by the good folks over at InsideGov.com, the 14-term congresswoman’s personal fortune is slightly more than $15.2 million.

In another example of phoniness, Life News reported in 2007 during the pontificate of Pope Benedict XVI, His Holiness bluntly proclaimed that legislators who claimed to be Catholic, but were staunch defenders of abortion had de facto excommunicated themselves.

“Yes, this excommunication was not an arbitrary one but is allowed by Canon (church) law which says that the killing of an innocent child is incompatible with receiving communion, which is receiving the body of Christ,” he said.

“They (Mexican Church leaders) did nothing new, surprising or arbitrary. They simply announced publicly what is contained in the law of the Church… which expresses our appreciation for life and that human individuality, human personality is present from the first moment (of life),” he added.

The pope talked about church doctrine known as “automatic excommunication” where someone who does something which the church considers a grave sin inflicts on themselves.

Also reported, it was DeLauro who took the lead in arguing with the pope when it comes to Catholic Canon Law, and also by virtue of her being an American, she wasn’t subject to the same theological beliefs and teachings;

Led by pro-abortion Rep. Rosa DeLauro, a Connecticut Democrat, eighteen members of the House issued a statement responding to the pope’s comments.

“We are concerned with the pope’s recent statement warning Catholic elected officials that they risk excommunication and would not receive communion for their pro-choice views,” the statement read.

They said that the penalty of excommunication “offend(s) the very nature of the American experiment and do(es) a great disservice to the centuries of good work the church has done.”

DeLauro and the pro-abortion lawmakers suggested that even though the Catholic church is pro-life that it’s a personal mission rather than a mission accomplished through public policy.

More proof of the Cult of Democrat, grandparents reject grandkids

cult of democrat

Kevin Nicholson may have once been the president of the College Democrats of America and spoke at the 2000 Democratic National Convention. But that was then, this is now.

Appearing on the FNC morning show Fox & Friends, the Republican hopeful to unseat incumbent Democratic Sen. Tammy Baldwin in 2018 told of his conversaion from being the leader one of the largest Democrat youth organizations in the country to becoming the GOP senate hopeful for the Badger State.

I’ll let you see the video for yourself … but it honestly saddens me to know that a husband and wife would actually go out of their way to estrange themselves not only from one of their children, but also their grandchildren.

I equally feel bad for F&F hostess Ainsley Earhardt, who obviously wasn’t briefed that Nicholson and his parents have no contact with each other. She was also obviously very embarrassed and apologized profusely.

All I can say about how horribly I view the grandparents, it just reminds me of how so many were ready to abandon family for love of the likes of Hitler, Stalin and Mao.

Shattering the myth of California being ‘sixth largest economy on planet Earth’

California State Senate leader Kevin de León perpetuates the big lie. (Youtube)
California State Senate leader Kevin de León perpetuates the big lie. (Youtube)

California State Senate leader Kevin de León made quite the big noise at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia last year of what an economic powerhouse the Golden State truly is. Continue reading “Shattering the myth of California being ‘sixth largest economy on planet Earth’”

Last Gasp: Democrat Leader Calls for Trump’s Impeachment

One part Democrat tears, one part Democrat pouting, one part Democrat wailing: The perfect Salty Crybaby. (Twitter)
One part Democrat tears, one part Democrat pouting, one part Democrat wailing: The perfect Salty Crybaby. (Twitter)

Democrat Senator Barbara Boxer (CA) is proving the old axiom “even a drowning man will clutch at a sword” to be oh, so true. Continue reading “Last Gasp: Democrat Leader Calls for Trump’s Impeachment”

Iowa: ‘Suck It Up, Buttercup Bill’ to be Introduced to Legislature

State Rep. Bobby Kaufmann proposes Suck It Up, Buttercup Act (Youtube).
State Rep. Bobby Kaufmann proposes Suck It Up, Buttercup Bill (Youtube).

Buttercups, bubble wrapped crybabies, precious snowflakes, hot house orchids. Whatever you want to call to those who aren’t taking Hillary Clinton’s defeat to Donald Trump all that well may find yet another trigger warning in the Hawkeye State. Continue reading “Iowa: ‘Suck It Up, Buttercup Bill’ to be Introduced to Legislature”

Bubba and Barry peg-out the Democrat’s contradiction meter

Which Democrat do I listen to?
Which Democrat do I listen to?

Democrat contradictions reign…

Those whacky Democrats just can’t seem to make up their minds.  Should they have American flags on the dais or not? Is it correct to boo a Medal of Honor winner or a retired general? How ’bout just blowing off that whole Moment of Silence thingee for fallen cops? Continue reading “Bubba and Barry peg-out the Democrat’s contradiction meter”

Democrat front runner H.R.C. still haunted by ‘Hillarycare’


As reported by NBC News on Dec. 16, 2014, Hillary Clinton still bears the title as the presumptive front runner for the Democratic Party’s hopes of keeping the White House in 2016. Yet Republicans aren’t done reminding the nation that Hillarycare very well could have been a much bigger and broader-reaching federal program than even the much derided Obamacare health insurance plan.

Continue reading “Democrat front runner H.R.C. still haunted by ‘Hillarycare’”

Enough Of Scandals Being Named After Watergate

ss-gulf-of-tonkin-1227296814905737-9-thumbnail-4Ever notice how many scandals and supposed scandals have “-gate” tacked on to their hindquarters?

Ordained by the largely hard-left media, the “-gate” suffix has been placed into journalistic canon law to constantly remind the sheeple/low information voters of Watergate and of course the Republican administration of Richard M. Nixon.   

The latest occurrence  of gateism to strike is the still developing Bridge-Gate in regards to the handful of traffic lanes on the George Washington Bridge (which is a FUBAR on the best of days) being shutdown by a member of Christ Christie’s inner circle.

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RINO Senate sell-outs charge forward over the bodies of military retirees

NYT Lindsey Graham 'Slammed Back Home' for Being a RINO
Beware of charging RINOs.

In a dizzying legislative dance, the US Senate completed the vote to conduct a vote later on what the House has already voted on, as reported by CBS News on Dec. 17, 2013.

With a vote of 67-33 in favor of cloture, the Senate has elected to stop all debate on the $63 billion budget increase deal that will largely be financed on the backs of those retired from the Uniformed Services to include the NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Commissioned Corps) and the Public Health Service Commissioned Corps (PHS).

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ObamaCare to meet 7 million mark – in 140 months

Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid

Touting they would enroll seven million Americans in the ObamaCare market exchange by early next year seems to be falling a little short. No, make that a lot short, as reported by the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) on Nov. 11, 2013 and the left-of-center news portal Politico.com on June 24, 2013.

Health insurance industry insiders are signalling that fewer than 50,000 citizens have successfully enrolled in a private insurance plan using the HealthCare.gov (aka: “ObamaCare”) on-line marketplace, far shorter than the 500,000 estimated to enroll before the dawning of All Saints Day.

Continue reading “ObamaCare to meet 7 million mark – in 140 months”