Comey admonishes American people to ‘vote for Democrats’ — Dem response not what he hoped for

The #Resistance and #NeverTrump crowd has long considered the fired ex-FBI director James Comey as their very own saint who suffered martyrdom for their very (liberal) salvation.

But when Comey went full circle with his “I hate Trump” narrative, he found himself hoisted on his own petard, which is just a real fancy way of saying he made himself look very, very stupid.

However, Brian Fallon, current CNN commentator and former Press Secretary for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 run for the presidency, shot back a seven-word response that pretty much sums up the Democrats opinion of the man who Hillary blames (among dozens of others) for her loss.

As it turns out, Fallon wasn’t the only one to tell Comey to pound sand.

Zak Petkanas, the always highly-caffeinated ex-Director of Rapid Response for Clinton 2016, was even more blunt than Fallon.

Democratic Party: Straight White Males Need Not Apply


In a further example of consequence-free and in-your-face hypocrisy, reporter Christine Rousselle of has uncovered quite the up-to-date, 21st century version of NINA (No Irish Need Apply) notices popular during the latter half of the 1800s.


Yet as published by reporter Rousselle, the Democratic National Committee has made it crystal clear that heterosexual men of the Caucasian persuasion shouldn’t even bother putting in for any of the new jobs available at the DNC’s Technology Team;

The Democratic National Committee is hiring for some new positions in their Technology Team, including Chief Security Officer, IT Systems Administrator, and Product Manager. In the email soliciting job applications, it says that the DNC is looking for a “staff of diverse voices and life experiences.”

Unfortunately, according to the DNC’s Data Service Manager Madeleine Leader, this desire for “diverse voices and life experiences” apparently doesn’t extend to “cisgender straight white males.” In the closing paragraph of the email, Leader said “I personally would prefer that you not forward to cisgender straight white males, as they are already in the majority.”

Elliott Hamilton from the Daily Wire posted a screenshot of the email on Twitter, saying that this is another symptom of the “patently absurd oppression Olympics.”

(“Cisgender” is a term meaning someone who identifies as the gender assigned to them at birth, i.e. someone who is not transgender.)

Democrat Storm Troopers.

Canada’s Immigration Website Crashes, ‘President Trump: Biggest F*** You of All Time’

Truth in advertising for the Canada bound. (Youtube)
Truth in advertising for the Canada bound. (Youtube)

In the world of the late Jackie Gleason, “how sweet it is!” For quite a few Trump supporters, the sweetness of the moment is only enhanced by the taste of maple syrup from Canada. Continue reading “Canada’s Immigration Website Crashes, ‘President Trump: Biggest F*** You of All Time’”

Democrats triple-down on their War on Cops

Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake (Youtube).

Few need to be reminded of Barack Obama’s long standing animosity against law enforcement. From the 2009 blatantly ignorant slamming of the Cambridge Police Department who “acted stupidly” to his most recent White House rubbing of elbows with the openly violent and racist Black Lives Matter group, Obama has made his opinion of those who man the Thin Blue Line quite clear.

Dem’s Double Down

But if there is doubt in anyone’s mind as exactly how the Democrats feel about the police, please keep in mind that while the Republicans invited the parents of those killed by evil people, the Jackass Party has something entirely else in mind.

As reported, the Democrats are making a point of inviting the parents of certain individuals who were killed while THEY were up to no good. Long story short, the president of the Philadelphia Police Union, John McNesby, is steaming mad.

According to the police union honcho, “Hillary Clinton should be ashamed for allowing relatives of people killed by police to speak, but not give equal time to families of fallen officers.”

But Wait… There’s More

Just add boiling water.
Just add boiling water.

As everyone already knows, the cross eyed chick with the Ramen noodle hair was just bounced as the Chairthing of the Democratic National Committee. So needless to say, Wasserman Schultz won’t honcho the convention. No gavel for you.

In the meantime, longtime Democratic strategist Donna Brazile will take over as the interim Chairperson of undetermined gender. Interestingly enough, ChairPOUG Brazile won’t honcho the convention. Yet again, no gavel for you.

So who does the DNC choose to drop the gavel? Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake.

Does that name ring a bell? It should. She’s the one who gave Black Lives Matter the green light to riot, loot and burn down sections of the Charm City.

But please don’t take my word for it. The screamingly left-of-center The Daily Beast ran the following headline at the time of the Baltimore Riots:

Baltimore Mayor Gave Permission to Riot

As correctly cited by TDB,

Yes, she said it.

Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake stood before the news cameras over the weekend and really did say, “We also gave those who wish to destroy space to do that as well.”

Another news organ that’s not usually mistaken as right-leaning would by CNN. But as they reported during the riotous upheaval (emphasis mine);

Despite the public’s thirst for answers, Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake warned that pushing out information hastily could derail the probe.

“What we’ve seen in other jurisdictions, where there have been information put out too early when the investigation wasn’t completed, officers had a chance to collaborate or collude and get their stories together, and it wasn’t helpful to the investigation,” she said. “We want to protect this process to ensure that Freddie Gray has justice.”

More Democrat Racism Uncovered by Wikileaks; Jews, Latinos, Blacks Slammed

Latinos for Trump (Youtube).
Latinos for Trump (Youtube).

Between Wikileak’s massive 20,000+ document dump and the speed of the internet, it’s hard to tell which bit of news broke first. But what is clear is this — a clear and distinct pattern of racism exists at the Democratic National Committee.  Continue reading “More Democrat Racism Uncovered by Wikileaks; Jews, Latinos, Blacks Slammed”

Myth Busted: White Southern Democrats then just like White Southern GOP now

Angry Democrats set the dogs loose on blacks.
Angry Democrats set the dogs loose on blacks.

The Southern Fried Socialism your teachers never told you about.

As any white liberal Northerner will tell you, just forget that the pre-1970 Democratic Party was actually the party of the KKK, water cannons and attack dogs. The same white liberal Northerner will ensure that everyone in earshot understands that those evil white Democrat Southerners back then did nothing more than to make an easy switch to the GOP when the Jackass Party moved hard left almost half a century ago. Continue reading “Myth Busted: White Southern Democrats then just like White Southern GOP now”

Report; vast majority of big money donors lean Democrat/Liberal


As reporter Josh Voorhees of Slate Magazine penned on Aug. 14, 2015, Vice President Joe Biden is taking time out of his South Carolina vacation to meet with “allies and advisors” regarding a possible challenge to the presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. However, Voorhees passed on partisan politics by pointing out the reality of the situation in his party.

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Despite past failure, Hillary now sweating a Biden run

While the list of Republican presidential candidates starts to look more and more like the New York City Yellow Pages, the situation in the Democratic Party could very possibly be described as an increasingly paranoid Hillary Clinton looking over her shoulder. As the Fox News Channel’s chief White House correspondent details, the Clinton campaign is “increasingly nervous” that socialist Bernie Sanders isn’t the only threat to what was previously seen as a party nomination that was her’s for the taking.

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Communist Party USA honcho; Democrats will ‘advance’ their ‘agenda’


Communist leaders have long been known to be enamored by the sound of their own voices. The likes of Leonid Brezhnev, the Castro Brothers, Josef Stalin, Hugo Chávez, Erich Honecker and a veritable constellation of other red stars have made a name for themselves for long winded speeches that would last for hours upon hours. Chairman of the Communist Party USA John Bachtell has also illustrated that the collectivist inkwell is not only deep, but also leans hard in favor of Team Obama.

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Kansas Jewish Center shooter: Sought public office twice as a Democrat

A Democrat president speaks.
A Democrat president speaks.

The individual arrested earlier this week as the suspected trigger-man behind the Kansas Jewish Centers shootings has quite the history of seeking public office, as reported by the right-of-center news portal The Daily Caller on April 14, 2014.

Changing political affiliations more than once, Frazier Glenn Miller, Jr. (AKA: “Frazier Glenn Cross”) once made a run for the US Senate as a Republican, but twice sought elected office as a member of the Democratic Party. In his native North Carolina, Miller initially sought public office in 1984 by running in the Democratic primary in order to change his mailing address to the North Carolina Governor’s Mansion. Miller failed miserably in his chase for the governorship, garnering a mere 5,790 votes out of slightly less than a million ballots cast.

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