Hillary is ‘Like Herpes’: Fox News Censors Conservative Spokeswoman

While the Establishment Media calls for armed revolution in the streets, and then gives a platform to every Hollywood limousine liberal who demands that everyone think exactly the same way they do, the Fox News Channel is busying themselves censoring anyone who should make an off-color remark regarding Hillary Clinton.

Case in point: US Air Force vet and current Director of Hispanic Engagement for Turning Point USA, Anna Paulina found herself in a conversation with anchor Rick Leventhal and Democrat Doug Schoen discussing why Hillary Clinton is still in the news, a full two years after her defeat at the hands of Donald Trump.

It was then that Paulina made the off-handed commented of Barack Obama’s Secretary of State: “She won’t go away. She’s like herpes.”

Anna Paulina having fun with guns.

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Breaking: Cheryl Mills granted immunity in Hillary’s email scandal

Mills and Clinton. "Et tu, Cheryl?" (Twitchy)
Mills and Clinton. “Et tu, Cheryl?” (Twitchy)

The latest out of Washington DC is either a fire and brimstone of Biblical proportions dropped right in the middle of the Clinton Campaign, or it’s the biggest dud since the signing of Johnny Manziel… or possibly the release of the Scientology mega-turd Battlefield Earth. Continue reading “Breaking: Cheryl Mills granted immunity in Hillary’s email scandal”