President Trump shoves it down Jim Acosta’s throat

In full disclosure, I am of the opinion that President Trump is at least the best president of the 21st century. With that said, I’m also of the opinion that CNN’s Jim Acosta is the biggest clown on television since WGN use to aire Bozo the Clown every morning.

Case in point: In a recent meeting at the White House where the press was invited in for a few photos, President Trump noticed Acosta among the assembled members of the Fourth Estate.

With the memory still fresh of Acosta making an jackass of himself on national TV while reporting live at the US-Mexico border, President Trump made a point of personally thanking Acosta for proving that a border wall works.

Thanks, Jim.

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What hath Brexit wrought?


First came the mildly amusing Brexit. Now, a veritable cornucopia of new hashtag words inhabit the Twitterverse.

We all have a favorite, so which one’s yours? ┬áIn no particular order:

  • #Departugal
  • #Italeave
  • #Netheragain
  • #Polend
  • #Fruckoff
  • #Czechout
  • #Luxembye
  • #Deutschleave
  • #Outstria
  • #Finished
  • #Macedontia
  • #Byereland
  • #Slovakiout
  • #Latervia
  • #Byegium
  • #Estexitia
  • #AustraLaVistaBaby
  • #Donemark
  • #Adiospain
  • #Leavethuania
  • #Bulgoneia