Kim’s latest round of gruesome executions

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Kim flips out again. (Youtube)

When North Korea’s Kim Jong-un executes someone, it’s usually with the élan and flair reserved only for the especially psychotic. A prime example would be his latest rounds of executing those who’ve fallen from his favor.

With such grandiose titles such as “Great Successor to the Revolutionary Cause of Juche (self-reliance)”, “Outstanding Leader of the Party, Army and People” and “Respected Comrade who is Identical to Supreme Commander Kim Jong-il”, the rather pudgy dictator obviously wants nothing to do with rather mundane and anti-climactic forms of execution such as lethal injections.

While never serving in the North Korean People’s Army himself, Kim has quite the fondness for dispatching his enemies by way of military hardware.

Examples include ex-Vice Minister of the Army Kim Chol who was turned into hamburger via mortar barrage. Kim Chol was found guilty of “drinking and carousing during the official mourning period after Kim Jong-il’s death.”

Former Deputy Minister of Public Security O Sang-hon was roasted alive by a flame thrower. His crime? Being friends with Kim Jong-un’s uncle, Gen. Jang Song-thaek, who supposedly plotted to overthrow his nephew. Reportedly, Uncle Song-thaek and his entire family were executed.

But in Lil’ Kim’s latest, The Daily Caller reports;

North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un executed another batch of senior officials, South Korea’s spy agency revealed Monday.

Kim pulled out the anti-aircraft gun for the execution of five senior officials, charged with submitting false government reports, according to South Korea’s National Intelligence Service (NIS).

North Korea fired state security chief Kim Won-hong last month for corruption, abuse, and torture. The five officials reportedly killed by the regime worked in Kim’s office and were executed for providing inaccurate reports.

The false data provided by the officials is said to have “enraged” the young despot Kim Jong-un.

The NIS did not reveal how it obtained information regarding the most recent executions. As inside information about the internal affairs of the reclusive North Korean state is hard to come by, the accuracy of such reports is, to a certain extent, questionable.

Kim Jong-un reportedly has an affinity for killing people with anti-aircraft guns, the bullets for which would rip a human being apart.

For his part, reigning in a nation where upwards of a third of the population is starving, Kim has gone from rather chubby to criminally obese.

With his height has been estimated as somewhere between 5’7″ to 5’9″, Britain’s The Guardian notes that upon assuming power, Kim was weighed in at a plump 90 kg (198 lbs). But after four years of binging on food and booze “to cope with his constant fear of being assassinated,” he’s swollen to a hefty 130 kg (287 lbs).

The tubby tyrant has reportedly gained so much weight, that his skeletal frame has buckled under the strain. The Telegraph cites “Kim Jong-un, the North Korean dictator, has become so fat while in office that his ankles have fractured under his own weight.”


Fact Check: Specifics on How Much Clinton Cash was from Nations that Execute Women and Gays

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ISIS beheads boy for listening to pop music, shoots two more for missing prayers

ISISThe Islamic jihadists of the ISIS terrorist group have made a point of savagely executing helpless victims, often while video cameras capture the moment. After being tried in a Shari’a compliant Islamic court of law, defendants have been sentenced to death for a myriad of crimes: Being Christian; fighting against them; being raped; being an American, Briton, Japanese, etc.

As reported by the Siasat Daily of Hyderabad, India, and also by the Dhaka Tribune of Dhaka, Bangladesh, both on Feb. 20, 2016, 15-year-old boy Ayham Hussein was publicly beheaded in the ISIS occupied Iraqi city of Mosul. According to local reports, the boy was initially arrested by an ISIS militia patrol after he was caught listening to “Western” pop music while he was tending to his father’s grocery store.

Young Ayham isn’t the only one to be put to death recently by the rather sanguine jihadists. As cited by the Dhaka Tribune, the ARA News Service of Kurdistan reports that ISIS has also executed two men after being found guilty of missing mandatory Friday prayers.

As reported, the guilty duo were shot dead outside the offended mosque last Sunday. It’s also reached the West that prior to the execution, a member of the Sharia Court read a statement vowing that the same punishment would be meted out to anyone else who misses the prescribed prayer time.

Spanning the globe, ‘Allahu Akbar’ in the news

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ISIS Son of the Year.

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AIDS ‘rampant’ in ISIS, infected ordered to be suicide bombers

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Saudi Boy Kills Relative: Mistook for Monkey, Sharia Court Orders Prison Instead of Death

Sharia law in Saudi Arabia

“Commuting the sentence from death to prison is considered an act of forgiveness…”

A young Saudi Arabian boy was recently spared the hangman’s noose and instead ordered to a yet to be made public prison sentence for the accidental killing of an elderly relative, as reported by The Independent (of London, England) on Nov. 11, 2013.

Relatives of the boy convinced the killing was an accident, as the boy opened fire at a distance at what he thought was a monkey “trying to damage one of the neighbourhood’s trees.”

It turned out the elderly relative was collecting leaves to feed the family goats.

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