Pot-Filled Balloon Falls Out of Felon’s Poop Chute While being Treated for Shooting Himself in the Doo-Dads

Cameron “Dead-Eye Dick” Wilson.

Life hasn’t been kind to Cameron Wilson of Cashmere, Washington. But then again, maybe life gave to the young Mr Wilson exactly what he deserved. Continue reading “Pot-Filled Balloon Falls Out of Felon’s Poop Chute While being Treated for Shooting Himself in the Doo-Dads”

The MSM narrative on Cesar Sayoc voting Republican just isn’t adding up

By now, everyone has already heard that Cesar Sayoc has been arrested in Florida on suspicion of being the bad guy behind the mailing of alleged bombs (that didn’t work) to a number of Democrats.

Oh, but the media has been breathlessly reporting that not only is Sayoc “a registered Republican” but also his van is covered in “right-wing paraphernalia”.

But this is what really piqued my interest – the same media is claiming that Sayoc has a record of at least one felony offence. I’m aware the restoration of voting rights for felons varies from state-to-state, so I decided to do a little digging.

Cesar Sayoc.

First of all, I checked to see if he’s actually voted any time recently. By golly, he sure has.

According to https://registration.elections.myflorida.com/en/CheckVoterStatus, Sayoc is listed as an active voter, as well as registered as a Republican. Date of registering to vote: 03/04/2016.

Ok, turns out he’s a registered voter. But does Sayoc actually have a criminal record?

Shockingly… yes he does (as a grasp at pearls).

As the below three photos from MugShots.com has acquired via public domain, Sayoc was found guilty of both Grand Theft as well as Felony Assault.

Sentenced to one year of Community Supervision on 05/09/2014, obviously he wouldn’t be free and clear of these convictions until 05/09/2015.

So now I checked if a convicted felon would or even could get voting rights restored.

The screen grab from the Office of Executive Clemency of the state of Florida pretty much says it all.

Obviously, the next step would be to reach out to the government of Florida to see if Sayoc’s civil rights have been restored.

According to the Office of Executive Clemency, Florida Commission on Offender Review, here’s the status:

Well, I did find out that instead of the Florida Commission on Offender Review isn’t the final word on a felon having their civil rights restored.

There is something called the Office of Executive Clemency down in Tallahassee that meets a few times each year to decide if there are any deserving criminals who may deserve clemency.

According to the same (phone – 850 488 2952), there is “no record of this individual ever applying for clemency.”

Interesting, huh?

The truth behind why a US Army vet was deported to Mexico

The Establishment Media is absolutely apoplectic over ex-soldier Miguel Perez-Montes, 39, of being deported back to his native Mexico.

Just a few of the breathless headlines (Read: Clickbait) from the Leftie media;

It’s enough to break your heart, isn’t it? However, something about this just didn’t pass the smell test.

Being a retired Marine, I know that non-US citizens can join the armed forces as enlisted men, and they must be legal aliens.

But it was still nagging at me as why and how a Green Card holder would find himself deported. All I could come up with was a case of fraudulent enlistment (which is a crime), with the understanding that he could have faked his paperwork.

As it turns out, this wasn’t the case.

Julia Manchester of the everything political TheHill.com has a headline that’s actually factual; Army veteran deported to Mexico after drug conviction

As anyone with a lick of common sense knows, anyone applying for naturalization with a felony drug bust under their belt simply wouldn’t stand a chance in hell.

“Perez-Montes has been in ICE custody since Sept. 23, 2016, when he was transferred from the Hill Correctional Center in Galesburg, Illinois, after he completed his prison sentence,” (ICE spokeswoman Nicole Alberico) said.

Perez-Montes was sentenced to 15 years in prison and had his green card taken away after he was found guilty of delivering cocaine to an undercover cop, CNN reported. He had served half of his sentence when deportation proceedings took place.

And not just a little of the white stuff. It was a felony drug conviction.

In fact, he was busted while attempting to sell 4.4 pounds of coke to an undercover cop. Keep in mind, that much cocaine is worth roughly $80,000.

In the meantime, the Chicago Tribune reported that Perez-Montes has been lobbying Gov. Bruce Rauner (R-Il) for clemency. If that were to happen, then obviously, there would be no legal reason to deport him.

Also cited by the Tribune;

The Cook County state’s attorney’s office opposes Perez’s petition for clemency, a legal request filed with the state for leniency or forgiveness of a past crime.

“We cannot lose track of the specific facts of this case, which is why we are opposing executive clemency,” assistant Cook County State’s Attorney Peter Goutos told the review board Thursday. “We must hold the big drug dealers accountable.”

While Perez was convicted of delivering less than 100 grams of cocaine, Goutos said he was arrested for delivering much more and received a reduced sentence after a plea deal.

Also noted;

If the 4.4 pounds of cocaine Perez delivered had ended up on the streets, it “would have affected tens of thousands of people once distributed throughout our community,” Goutos said.

One other tid-bit Lawyer Goutos mentioned, Perez-Montes never received an Honorable Discharge when he was eventually kicked out of the Army.

He received a General Discharge after being found guilty of… wait for it… illegal drug use.

It really is a shame that no one ever taught Perez-Montes about actions and consequences. Either that, or he was taught, but elected to ignore the lesson.

When he chose to join the Army, he chose wisely.

But when he chose to sell 4.4 pounds of cocaine, well, the really old knight describes it best;