Only two-thirds of Millennials firmly believe the Earth is round

I realize that young folks want to rage against The Man, but don’t you think being pissed at Copernicus is taking it a bit too far?

The latest dance craze all the Millennials are boogying to is that a disturbingly high number think the planet is actually flat.

In spite of the corporate bosses at Big Globe trying to convince us otherwise, the professional opinion collectors at the Silicone Valley-based queried 8,215 adults across the nation to ask a simple question:

Do you believe that the world is round or flat?

Rather than a simple “yes” or “no”, the interviewees were given five varying degrees of the how strong their opinion was;

  • I have always believed the world is round
  • I always thought the world is round, but more recently I am skeptical/have doubts
  • I always thought the world is flat, but more recently I am skeptical/have doubts
  • I have always believed the world is flat
  • Other/Not sure

The good folks at YouGov have their stats broken down by the following specific categories;

  • By political party
  • By gender
  • By region
  • By age
  • By income
  • By what you personally consider your level of religious sentiment

If you choose to take a peek at the various graphs, you’ll see that while some stereotypes are busted, some remain the same.

Case in point: While Southerners are supposedly not as bright as their Yankee brethren, the numbers are nearly exact. Myth – busted.

But when it come to Millennials nation-wide, well… let’s just say that government K-12 plus $100,000 worth of college debt in order to major in The History of Bubbles has come to its logical conclusion.

I hope you’ll understand, but instead of me giving the breakdown of how the youngsters responded, suffice it to sat that a mere 66 percent of those aged 18-24 are sure that the planet really is round.

One other point that the folks over at The Flat Earth Society still leaves me scratching my head, they claim that NASA photos from space showing a round Earth is nothing more than “I don’t trust the government”.

When asked about astronauts in general, their rationalization is;

“Most Flat Earthers think Astronauts have been bribed or coerced into their testimonies. Some believe they have been fooled or are mistaken.”

I’ll make a deal with the Flat Earthers… just head over to those giant mountain ice walls that supposedly keep all the water from falling off the edge of the world — organize an expedition, go to the absolute furthest-end of the planet… please just take a photo or two of the edge of the world.

Is it too much for me to ask for some photographic evidence?