Newest Enemy of ISIS — Kitty Cats

ISIS hunting down their latest foe: Kittens. (Pinterest)
ISIS hunting down their latest foe: Kittens. (Pinterest)

There have been some wild and wacky fatwas (religious edicts) issued by various Islamic clerics throughout the years, but the latest may prove to be cat-astrophic. As reported by (of Manama, Bahrain) and news (of London, United Kingdom), breeding cats is now strictly verboten within the Islamic Caliphate. Continue reading “Newest Enemy of ISIS — Kitty Cats”

Shari’a Law: Gang-rape victim faces public whipping

“The vigilantes doused the duo with ‘sewage,’ apparently raw human waste…”

In what appears to most Western eyes as a scene straight out of the seventh century, a yet to be identified victim of a gang-raping is facing the very real possibility of being at the receiving end of a public whipping for violating Islam’s über-strict Shari’a Law. As reported by both Ireland’s Raidió Teilifís Éireann News Service (RTÉ) and also the Paris-based Agence France-Presse (AFP) via The Straights Times (of Singapore) on May 6, 2014, the Indonesian sexual assault victim may face as many as 9 strokes to her bare back and buttocks for allegedly violating the Islamic legal code against adultery.

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