God is a Southerner

confederate-papistDominus Vobiscum, Y’all…

There is absolutely nothing as pleasant to the ear or refreshing to the soul as to hear Liturgical Latin spoken with a genteel Southern accent.

In regard to my fay-vo-rite Son of the South, Latin Mass sayin’ priest, I couldn’t help but wonder what it may have been like for the good Pater if any of his Southern Baptist cousins ever queried him about the Traditional Latin Mass.

I would imagine that the conversation between Father P and Bubba ( you just know there’s got to be a Bubba in there somewhere) might sound like…

Bubba: You know, cousin… I was wondering about that “Latin Mass” that you talk about so much. Mind if I ask you a few questions?

Father P: Go right ahead, Bubba.

Bubba Ray: Is it true that you ask folks in heaven to pray for you?

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