Boris Wins: Drops a Major ‘Dude’ Bomb on Britain



Boris Johnson has just been elected to the highest political position of actual leadership in the UK according to the British Constitution. In his first speech to the island nation, he’s made clear that during his tenure as Prime Minister, it will certainly be a time for dudes, not for duds. Continue reading “Boris Wins: Drops a Major ‘Dude’ Bomb on Britain”

British Government Orders Man Who Single-Handedly Fought Jihadists to Undergo ‘De-Radicalization’ Training, ‘MIGHT’ have Become a Right-Wing ‘Extremist’

Roy Larner recovering from wounds. Fought 3-on-1 against Islamic jihadists.

The people of Great Britain have nicknamed Roy Larner “The Lion of London Bridge.” The BBC has referred to him as a “hero.” With tens of thousands of signatures, a petition was launched to award Larner Britain’s second highest military medal for personal heroism, the George Cross. A Swedish brewery has even named a beer after him. Continue reading “British Government Orders Man Who Single-Handedly Fought Jihadists to Undergo ‘De-Radicalization’ Training, ‘MIGHT’ have Become a Right-Wing ‘Extremist’”

Liberal Media Flips-Out Over Trump Kids Attending UK State Dinner, Ignored Obama’s Month Long Africa Vacation

President’s adult children and their spouses.

Remember Newsweek magazine? That’s the weekly publication that use to be of standard thickness, but now has about as much content as a doctor’s waiting room pamphlet on syphilis.

The ragazine that’s now firmly in place with the DNC’s Ministry of Propaganda is now demanding to know who paid for the president’s adult children and their spouses attending Queen Elizabeth’s recent State Dinner in London.

As Newsweek cited;

President Donald Trump’s adult children who do not work in the administration made headlines this week for traveling with their father on an official trip to the United Kingdom, and some critics have gone further to wonder who is paying for their presumably costly participation.

Pollster and Whitman Insight Strategies director Matt McDermott ‏on Wednesday tweeted a photo of Donald Trump Jr., Eric Trump and his wife Lara Trump, Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner, and Tiffany Trump from the U.K. state dinner at Buckingham Palace on Monday.

“4 of 6 people in this photo have no official government position,” McDermott wrote, referring to everyone except Ivanka Trump and Kushner who are senior White House advisers. “They run private businesses, are campaign advisers. Why are they attending an official state dinner on behalf of the United States?”

Trump Jr. and Eric Trump are executive vice presidents of the Trump Organization, while Lara Trump is a Trump 2020 senior campaign adviser and Tiffany Trump is a Georgetown Law student.

Hold on a sec… in Newsweek’s first paragraph, they claim that none of President Trump’s adult children “work in the administration”, but just a few short paragraphs later, Newsweek cites that Ivanka does. I guess Newsweek doesn’t even read what their own sources say.

Even further down the article, Newsweek finally got around to printing;

A White House official told Newsweek on Wednesday afternoon that the four non-administration members of the Trump family who joined the trip were personally paying.

Oddly enough, Newsweek was rather mum when it came to the Famiglia Obama taking a one-month long vacay to Africa, complete with 56 total support vehicles, to include 14 of limos and three of trucks loaded with extra bullet-proof glass, and an entire US Navy/US Marine amphibious assault group or a complete aircraft carrier task force… just in case.

But if you haven’t received your daily recommended amount of fake news, you’re going to love this.

From the summer of 2013, the Washington Post made mention of the contents of the Obamas rather hefty go-bag;

Hundreds of U.S. Secret Service agents will be dispatched to secure facilities in Senegal, South Africa and Tanzania. A Navy aircraft carrier or amphibious ship, with a fully staffed medical trauma center, will be stationed offshore in case of an emergency.

Military cargo planes will airlift in 56 support vehicles, including 14 limousines and three trucks loaded with sheets of bullet­proof glass to cover the windows of the hotels where the first family will stay. Fighter jets will fly in shifts, giving 24-hour coverage over the president’s airspace, so they can intervene quickly if an errant plane gets too close.

The elaborate security provisions — which will cost the government tens of millions of dollars — are outlined in a confidential internal planning document obtained by The Washington Post. While the preparations app

The Pose finally got around towards the end of the article that “Obama’s trip could cost the federal government $60 million to $100 million based on the costs of similar African trips in recent years, according to one person familiar with the journey…”

What? “Based on the costs of similar African trips”? That means nothing.

Additionally, there’s a new wrinkle to presidential travel. Also cited by the WaPo;

Officials said the Secret Service does not want the president traveling anywhere without a top-rated trauma center nearby. The White House medical unit makes decisions about which foreign hospitals meet its standards when it makes advance visits to the locations for planned trips, officials said.

In much of the developing world, the U.S. Navy provides a “floating hospital” on an aircraft carrier or amphibious ship nearby, officials said.

“This is what you need to support the American presidency,” Atkiss said of the requirements, “regardless of who the president is.”

Obama family on vacation.

I don’t recall Clinton or Dubya needing an entire task force to go on vacation.

By the way, a carrier or an amphib (a carrier in its own right) NEVER travels alone. Both are surrounded by a veritable fleet of additional warships (to include subs) and supply ships.

I wonder how many billions it cost the Pentagon to deploy dozens of ships and thousands of troops to essentially babysit the Obamas just because Barry and Mike don’t trust African hospitals?

European Youth Reject Liberalism, Embrace Right-Wing Politics

Santiago Abascal (center), leader of Spain’s nationalist and anti-Muslim immigrant Vox party.

After nearly three-fourths of a century’s worth of America leading the psychological castration of Europe, it seems as if the continent’s collective testis have finally dropped. Continue reading “European Youth Reject Liberalism, Embrace Right-Wing Politics”

London’s Top Cop Raises the White Flag, Calls on British Army to Help Restore Order

British troops giving the Iraqi Army every chance to meet Mohammed face-to-face.

The British Army has a long and storied past. From Waterloo to Isandlwana, Crimea to the Somme, Normandy to Hill 282 in Korea, despite never having a royal charter, the British Army has quite the martial lineage. Continue reading “London’s Top Cop Raises the White Flag, Calls on British Army to Help Restore Order”

British Mum Busted in Front of her Kids for ‘Misgendering’ a Transgendered Activist on Twitter

As stunning as it is to most clear thinking Americans, British police have arrested a young mother in front of her two children (one of them autistic, the other she’s still breastfeeding) for the high crime of on-line misgendering a biological man, but identifies as a woman. Continue reading “British Mum Busted in Front of her Kids for ‘Misgendering’ a Transgendered Activist on Twitter”

Patriotic Brits warn that proposed Islamophobia law in UK could easily ‘pave the way to a police state’

Some quite odd things have been happening in the British body politic since roughly the 1960s.

Case in point, the Labour Party (the liberals) have long ago quit caring about the downtrodden working-class. Now they’ve essentially become totalitarian wannabes who would make Uncle Joe Stalin blush.

On the other side of the coin would be the Conservative Party (the Tories) who long ago quit caring about the United Kingdom being at least in the top five economic powerhouses on the globe. Now they’ve essentially become totalitarian wannabes who would make Comrade Mao blush. Continue reading “Patriotic Brits warn that proposed Islamophobia law in UK could easily ‘pave the way to a police state’”

Thousands gather in London: Banned speech read to conservative patriots

Today I am proud to be British again. Thank you Tommy Robinson and all who support him. – St. John Goldfingle, @StGoldfingle

There’s an old saying that only two things worth a damn have ever come about because of the British Empire: The Beatles and the United States of America.

I realize that I may be a bit jingoistic, me being a Yankee Doodle Dandy and all. But all ribbing aside, what’s happening in the country that gave us the Magna Carta certainly gives pause to every freedom-loving man, woman and child.

As it turns out, the British government has just detained (and pending deportation) Generation Identity’s Martin Sellner.

His crime? Writing a speech that was suppose to be delivered by PEGIDA founder Lutz Bachmann at Speakers’ Corner in London’s Hyde Park where anyone and everyone is suppose to have the right to speak their piece.

By the way, Bachmann was also detained and pending deportation for having a copy of Sellner’s speech, which was discovered when British customs authorities searched his luggage. Is it just me, or does this sound a bit like what use to happen when anyone illegally brought a copy of the Holy Bible into the ex-Soviet Union?

As reported by Raheem Kassam of Breitbart London, Sellner is one of the leaders of Austria’s patriotic and politically conservative Generation Identify (English-language site, here).

In spite of the British government branding the political group as far-right wing, the truth of the matter certainly appears to be more of a case of political correctness run wild.

As the organization’s official website states;

We are a non-violent youth movement that aims to highlight the need for open and honest public debate about immigration policies, identity and the future of our islands [Britain and Ireland] and of Europe.

We aim to preserve the ethnocultural identity of Europe through peaceful activism, political education, and community & cultural activities.

  • Stop the Islamisation of Europe
  • Against globalization
  • Stop and reverse the Great Replacement

But back to Sellner having his speech blocked by the Thought Police; enter Tommy Robinson.

The well known conservative activist managed to attain of copy of the speech, then promptly delivered such in its entirety at Speakers’ Corner.


Just a touch of Sellner’s rousing call to patriotism;

I was invited by UKIP to present my movement at an event last Autumn. I represent Generation Identity — a patriotic European youth movement that is raising awareness about mass immigration and Islamisation.

Far-left people call us right-wing, people who want to shut free speech down call us ‘fascist’, and folks who hate their own culture call us ‘racist’.

In reality, we are just a group of young patriots fed up with the system, the mainstream press and lying politicians. We use peaceful activism to make our voices heard, and contrary to our friends on the radical left, who are probably swarming you right now, we never wear masks.

Gutless British police: Places blame on raped girls

While the police in the United States, Australia and Canada are generally viewed in a favorably light to the majority of their particular populations, the case isn’t the same for British cops.

Then again, looking in retrospect on the past 20 years of what passes for law enforcement in the UK, England’s Bobbies deserve every bit of ire that hard working, tax paying citizens throw their way.

Just for the sake of expediency, I won’t linger on the 2014 rape scandal (better known as “grooming” in British jargon) that manifested itself in the north-central English working-class city of Rotherham.

Instead, I’ll just briefly note that British police looked the other way while upwards of 1,400 women and girls were either raped or forced in sexual slavery. Why? They were scared to death of being labeled “Islamophobes”.

Anyhow, it looks as if the British police still haven’t learned their lesson in regards to the Rotherham cover-up.

Au contraire, the rape scandal currently raging in the English town of Telford tells a story of sexual slavery, rape and Islamophobia-phobia.

As reported by Liam Deacon of Breitbart London;

Police officers investigating the Telford grooming gang scandal, possibly the largest in UK history, were sent an internal memo telling them “in most cases the sex is consensual”.

The initial police probe, Operation Chalice, identified at least 100 potential victims in Telford targeted between 2007 and 2009. However, fewer than ten men were jailed despite the police admitting as many as 200 groomers may be involved.

West Mercia Police sent the memo the year after Chalice was closed, to officers investigating on-going child sexual exploitation in the force area, The Mirror reports. Officers also considered some of the young victims as prostitutes.

Commenting on the revelations, UKIP London Assembly Member David Kurten, blasted: “Telford Police memo on children consenting to abuse is despicable. The UK age of consent is 16.

“Gangs and their child abusing ‘customers’ that groom, rape and pimp out girls under 16 are rapists. If the police do not know this they are not fit for purpose.”

Below: London – January, 2009. Protests turned to violence in London when protesters chased away London police. The jeering marchers taunted the police with chants of “Free Palestine,” “Allahu Akbar” and the derogatory phrase “Kufirs,” meant as an insult against non-Muslims.

Britain draws up war plans against Kim Jung-un

I remember once hearing in passing, “As long as we have Britain, Australia, and Canada on our side, the rest of the world can go to hell.”

In light of the nuclear threat aimed directly at the United States and our allies in East Asia and the Western Pacific, we should add Japan and South Korea to that list.

But other than us, the Japanese and the South Koreans, no other nation has, at least publicly, openly declared military cooperation with the Washington-Tokyo-Seoul alliance.

That is, until now.

In recent reports by the Daily Mail and The Telegraph, the Brits are drawing up war plans against North Korea, to include the distinct possibility of deploying the recently commissioned HMS Queen Elizabeth to the Far East.

As the  Daily Mail noted;

The Armed Forces are preparing for a potential war with North Korea, sources have revealed.

Officials have been instructed to draw up plans for how Britain would respond if war broke out with Pyongyang amid heightening tensions between the West and dictator Kim Jong-Un.

One option involves deploying Britain’s new aircraft carrier – due to be handed over to the Navy later this year – to the region before she has undergone flight trials.

Details of the secret operation plan have emerged after Donald Trump warned that ‘only one thing will work’ when it comes to dealing with North Korea, which has continued nuclear and rocket tests despite widespread condemnation.

The Telegraph also cited;

Among the plans disclosed by the Daily Mail is the deployment of the Navy’s newest aircraft carrier, HMS Queen Elizabeth, before it has undergone flight trials.

“We have plenty of ships to send… the Type-45 destroyers, the Type-23 frigates. Britain’s new aircraft carrier could be pressed into service early if things turn south,” a senior Whitehall source told the newspaper.

HMS Queen Elizabeth, which arrived at its home in Portsmouth in August after extensive sea trials, is not due to enter service until 2020.

The possible move to deploy it ahead of schedule drew comparisons with the start of the Falklands War.

“In the Falklands we had to react to an event and HMS Illustrious was accelerated to respond,” a Navy source told the Mail.

“This was a reaction to protect British territory, however. In this case [North Korea], the UK would be part of a united global coalition. We would see what support we could give.”

The Daring Class (Type 45) destroyer HMS Dauntless, left, and the Duke Class (Type 23) frigate HMS Kent.

American Amnesia: When Barry and Hillary interfered in Russian, Israeli, and British Elections


Hillary Clinton once famously called for a “full investigation” of the Russian election system in the wake of that nation’s 2011 parliamentary (Duma) contests. Continue reading “American Amnesia: When Barry and Hillary interfered in Russian, Israeli, and British Elections”

British Imam: Sex Slaves are Acceptable under Islam

Islam accepts
Islam accepts slavery. Yazidi women and girls await their turn on the action block.

Much like Bigfoot, everyone has heard of Moderate Islam, but few have actually seen it. As of yet, the vast multitudes of peace-loving Muslims have yet to take to the streets to tell both the world and radical Islamic terrorists that the jihadists don’t speak for them. Continue reading “British Imam: Sex Slaves are Acceptable under Islam”

British jihadi de-radicalization plan teetering on collapse


Despite almost three times as many British Muslims serve in the ranks of ISIS than Her Majesty’s Armed Forces, the central government’s nation-wide plan to de-radicalize homegrown Islamic jihadists is “bursting at the seams” and apparently on the verge of falling apart. As reported by the news portal and the Express newspaper (of London, Great Britain) both on Aug. 29, 2015, the island nation’s officially titled “Channel programme” is collapsing under its own weight.

Continue reading “British jihadi de-radicalization plan teetering on collapse”

Britain; Rapper’s gay slur deemed ‘provoking terrorist acts’

tyler-yellowAs any language nerd will tell you, the likes of Latin and Sanskrit are dead. However, modern languages are live, and like everything else that’s alive, modern tongues often change, morph and mutate. Case in point; the words faggot (fagot) and fag. Both words still used in common conversation in certain English-speaking nations, yet they are now often looked upon as not only a derogatory word in reference to homosexuals, but the British government now considers the mere utterance of the words in a negative connotation to be a provocation of “terrorist acts” as reported by the news portal and also ABC Online (Australian Broadcasting Corporation), both on Aug. 27, 2015.

Continue reading “Britain; Rapper’s gay slur deemed ‘provoking terrorist acts’”

Jihad death threats in UK; Aussie anti-sharia party launched

Australia and Great Britain share Queen Elizabeth II as their Sovereign, and at least technically, she still holds the title as the Queen of Australia. Both nations also share a bit of a problem with militant Islamic jihadists wanting to kill their respective citizens who may stand in their way of their stated desire of establishing a sharia-compliant global caliphate. Case in point would be in two separate news reports from opposite ends of the globe.

Continue reading “Jihad death threats in UK; Aussie anti-sharia party launched”

Busted beheading plot; new convert to Islam gets 22 year prison stint

punkNot quite reaching his 20th birthday, native born Londoner Brusthom Ziamani was sentenced at the Old Bailey to a 22 year prison stretch for conspiring to murder by decapitation either a British soldier or school child currently enrolled in the nation’s Army Cadet Force, the British version of American high school ROTC. As reported by Great Britain’s BBC and also by the Associated Press (via The News Tribune of Tacoma, Washington), both on 20 March, 2015, Brusthom Ziamani, 19-years-old, was found guilty of ‘preparing an act of terrorism’ last month. But today, Judge Timothy Pontius sentenced the would-be killer to spend the next 22 years of his rather short life locked behind bars in one of Her Majesty’s Prisons.

Continue reading “Busted beheading plot; new convert to Islam gets 22 year prison stint”

Brits pledge over £18,000 to defend ‘Jihad Johnny’

James-Foley-Killer-620x424Few in the Western world would deny even the most despicable of characters a valid legal defense to defend themselves of crimes accused in a court of law. Yet what has many in the United Kingdom raising their eyebrows are the reports bubbling to the surface regarding a number of Britons raising the equivalent of $27,000 to defend the individual dubbed “Jihad Johnny” by the international press, and identified by the British government as the executioner of a number of American, British, and Japanese citizens.

Continue reading “Brits pledge over £18,000 to defend ‘Jihad Johnny’”

British Army Chief of the General Staff; more Muslims needed in Britain’s Army


Despite the top man in the British Army openly stating he is desirous of the “best possible talent” to join his nation’s active duty army, he’s also called for a greater recruitment effort of a certain demographic based on little more than their religious belief. As reported by Britain’s Sky News and also the Moscow based (formerly Russia Today) news portal, both on Feb. 6, 2015, General Sir Nicholas Carter stated that non-European ethnic minority representation in the British Army is “nowhere near where it needs to be.”

Installed last year as the Chief of the General Staff, Gen. Carter has reportedly placed a special emphasis on recruiting Muslims into the British Army as to have a more correct reflection of the face of Britain. Overall, non-European ethnic groups in the nation, to including blacks from Commonwealth nations such as Nigeria and Jamaica, as well as Sikhs, Indians, Chinese, Pakistanis and Fijians constitute approximately 10 percent of Her Majesty’s Armed Forces. Curiously enough, according to the British Census of 2011, the non-European ethnic groups of the nation also constitute approximately 10 percent of the population.

Britain’s MoD (Ministry of Defence) has also recently released figures that cite a mere 480 Muslims serve Queen and Country by way of donning the Army camouflage field uniform. That’s a minuscule 0.54 percent the total active duty army strength of 88,500. As cited by Newsweek magazine on Aug. 20, 2014, the number of British Muslims serving in all branches of the British Armed Forces is only around 600 total. The remaining 120 British Muslims are literally and figuratively sprinkled through the ranks of the Royal navy, Royal Marines and Royal Air Force.

Published media reports and various government statistics place Britain’s Muslim community at roughly 4.4 percent of the island nation’s population. But when all branches of the Armed Forces are totaled up, the followers of Mohammed comprise an almost microscopic 0.4 percent of all personnel.

London’s The Telegraph reported last November that more than three times as many British Muslims have volunteered to serve the ISIS terrorist network than have vowed to serve their nation in uniform. Member of Parliament Khalid Mahmood (Labour – Birmingham Perry Barr), an area with a rather sizable Muslim constituency, has stated that the London government has purposefully low balled the official number of British Islamic Jihadis fighting in Syria and Iraq.

The authorities say there are 500 British jihadists but the likely figure is at least three to four times that. I think 2,000 is a better estimate.

Tots and robbers; British cops releases stick figure BOLO


Possibly proving that common sense doesn’t always keep up technological advancement, English police are releasing a stick figure drawing by a 3-year-old in the hopes of catching an unknown number of cat burglars. As reported by Great Britain’s The Nottingham Post and also The Mirror, both on Jan. 31, 2015, the Brit version of the American BOLO (Be On the Look-Out) features the image of one of the villains as if it was drawn by, well, a three-year-old.

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London: Republican presidential hopeful stands firm on Muslim ‘no-go zones’

The Jindal family as of 2003.

Being the only two American governors whose parents hail from the Punjab region of India, Louisiana’s Piyush “Bobby” Jindal and South Carolina’s Nikki Haley (née Randhawa) not only share their Republican Party affiliation and conservative policies, but also have smashed more than a few of the racist stereotypes of Southern voters. In the meantime, the word on the street in the Bayou State as well as from inside the Washington, DC Beltway is that Governor Jindal is taking a very serious look at making a run for the White House.

Continue reading “London: Republican presidential hopeful stands firm on Muslim ‘no-go zones’”

Celebs don $70 ‘feminist’ shirts made by workers making less than $1 an hour


In what very well could be a case of limousine liberalism run amok, a pro-feminism t-shirt that all of Britain’s trendiest left-of-center fashionistas are sporting turns out it would take the workers who manufacture the very same haute couture would have to work a week and a half to earn enough needed to buy just one of the fruits of their labor. As reported by America’s news portal and also Great Britain’s BBC, both on Nov.2, 2014, the same must have shirt that members of Britain’s Labour Party have been hammering the Tory Prime Minister for refusing to wear what turns out to be manufactured in a Third World sweatshop on the African island nation of Mauritius, roughly 500 miles east of Madagascar.

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Two women guilty of violating ‘Anti-Terrorism Act’: Ripped pages from Koran

While American jurisprudence has ruled that our free speech rights under the First Amendment range from publicly saying “I hate President (insert name here)” to defecating and/or urinating on the American flag. Agree, disagree or indifferent to what US courts have ruled, many Americans could find shocking not only the lack of free thought/speech imposed on our British cousins, but also the overt double-standard both police and the court system have been operating under. As reported by The Independent on May 2, 2014, and also Life Site News and The Daily Mail, both on May 1, 2014, case in point would be two Englishwomen who were recently found guilty of a “religiously-aggravated public order offence” for tearing pages out of the Qur’an; as well as a leading British politician arrested while reading select passages from The River War penned by arguably one of the greatest Western leaders of the 20th century, Sir Winston Spencer-Churchill, KG, OM, CH, TD, DL, FRS, RA.

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The American and British treaty with Ukraine brought to light

Despite a handful of Western media outlets claiming a relatively unknown treaty binding the United States and Great Britain to the defense of the Ukraine may lead to armed conflict with Russia, a closer look indicates American and British intervention may not be in the offing, as reported by the right-of-center The American Spectator and on Mar. 3, 2014; and London’s The Telegraph and The Daily Mail on Feb. 28, 2014.

Former President Yulia Tymoshenko.

Continue reading “The American and British treaty with Ukraine brought to light”

Renowned British Communist Dies, Leaves Massive Fortune to Family

2892219002But illegitimate son gets pittance…

Noted defender of Communism Dr. Eric Hobsbawm passed away well over a year ago, but the details of his vast personal fortune have been brought to the public eye, as reported by The Daily Mail of London, UK on Jan. 10, 2014.

The well-published historian and ardent supporter of everything Marxist, the more-than-slightly hypocritical commie left a pile of cash and assets to the tune of £1,835,341 ($3,023,174) in his will to be distributed to his second wife, the two children they had together and also an undisclosed sum to the University of Warwick.

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New York: Hook-handed terrorist whines of sub-par jail conditions

But it works wonders for hemorrhoids.
But it works wonders for hemorrhoids.

Al-Qaeda terrorist Abu Hamza (aka: “Doctor Hook” and “The Hate Cleric” by the British press) is complaining to a federal judge in New York that his current accommodations aren’t quite up to snuff by his standards, as reported by the New York Daily News on Nov. 26, 2013.

Claiming he lost his hands fighting the Soviets in Afghanistan in the 1980s, Hamza ordered his taxpayer-funded team of lawyers inform the judge that the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Lower Manhattan just isn’t cutting it.

Seeking transfer to  a special medical prison in Devens, Mass., one of his lawyers, Lindsay Lewis informed the court, “his arms are infected, and this is an issue that needs to be resolved at a medical center.”

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