Scummy Lefties Attack Amy Coney Bennett for Adopting Two Haitian Children

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Dartmouth Professor Claims Firearms have ‘The Power’ to Make People Evil

Law abiding gun seller displays his wares to a law abiding gun buyer.

According to the Dartmouth College official site, Chelsey L Kivland is employed at the private New Hampshire institute of higher learning as an associate professor of anthropology. Apparently, she’s also some kind of resident expert on everything Haiti. Continue reading “Dartmouth Professor Claims Firearms have ‘The Power’ to Make People Evil”

Possible Haitian bloodbath: US government orders American citizens to ‘shelter in place’

The UN’s very own vassal state and the Western Hemisphere’s basket case of a country, better known as the République d’Haïti, is literally in a state of self-destruct.

So much so, that the US Embassy in the nation’s capital of Port-au-Prince just issued a Demonstration Alert to American citizens in-country;

Event: Embassy personnel are still under a Shelter in Place order. Roadblocks are continuing to pop up throughout the city and being manned by people throwing rocks. Some roadblocks have armed demonstrators that will shoot at vehicles trying to run through the roadblock

Actions to Take:

• Shelter in place. Do not attempt to travel at this time.
• Avoid protests and any large gathering of people.
• Do not attempt to drive through roadblocks.
• If you encounter a roadblock, turn around and get to a safe area.

In a separate notification, the embassy also advised that things just went from bad to worse;

Event: Due to continuing demonstrations, roadblocks, and violence across Port-au-Prince and throughout Haiti, U.S. citizens should continue to shelter in place. Do not travel to the airport unless you confirmed your flight is departing. Flights are cancelled today and the airport has limited food and water available.

In true diplomatic-ese, the embassy failed to paint a true picture of just how bad things really are.

Fox News is reporting of deaths caused by out of control Haitian police;

At least three people have been killed, including two protesters who were fatally shot by authorities and a security guard who was beaten to death by demonstrators after attempting to disperse a crowd by firing his gun into the air.

In the meantime, United Press International is reporting of direct threats against Americans;

Demonstrators tried to set fire to a Port-au-Prince hotel where about 120 Americans and 100 Haitians are staying. The protesters also tried to penetrate security and enter the hotel, which among the guests include children and missionaries.

UPI also cited;

Fires were set to police stations in Gonaives and Carrefour on the outskirts of Port-au-Prince and gunshots were fired during demonstrations in the capital city and town of Cavaillon.

Haiti’s Prime Minister Jack Guy Lafontant on Saturday appealed for calm and announced a temporary stop to the price increases, which were rise by 38 percent. Diesel prices were to go up 47 percent and kerosene by 51 percent.

The fuel hikes were part of an agreement between the Haitian government and the International Monetary Fund as part of an assistance package. The country could lose up to $96 million in budgetary support from international donors if [either party] fails to meet the agreement.

In 2004, the United Nations took it upon themselves to embark on a military occupation of Haiti with an initial military force of 6,700 troops. As cited from UN documents, the globalist organization even cited that the Haitian transfer of power was in keeping with their constitution, but still invaded, nonetheless;

“taking note of the resignation of Jean-Bertrand Aristide as President of Haiti and the swearing-in of President Boniface Alexandre as the acting President of Haiti in accordance with the Constitution of Haiti.”

During the United Nations military occupation of the Caribbean nation from 2004 until 2017, officially tagged the United Nations Stabilization Mission In Haiti (UNSTAMIH), there were at least 5,000 soldiers and police officers from dozens of member nations running the country under the UN banner.

While troops came from such diverse nations ranging from Canada to Nepal to the Philippines, the bulk of the solders were from Brazil and Chile, and the UNSTAMIH commander was always a Brazilian army general.

The high water mark for deployed troops reached a whopping 9,000 in 2007 when lynching’s became a commonplace occurrence, as noted by the BBC.

In 2007, the BBC also reported of a major battle between 700-800 UN troops and a street gang known as “The Evans” that took place in the largest slum on the outskirts of Port-au-Prince, Cité Soleil, population 300,000.

The true definition of “shithole country.”

In 2010, a cholera epidemic swept Haiti, afflicting 812,000 Haitians, killing an additional 9,600 as reported by the Miami Herald.

The BBC cites “the source of the outbreak was a Nepalese peacekeeping base, whose toilets contaminated the Artibonite river…”

There were also a number of rape scandals perpetrated by UN troops against Haitian citizens, usually children;

  • Four Uruguayan troops raped an 18-year-old man, then ran the video taken of the drunken crime on social media
  • “Several” Pakistani troops were accused of the gang-raping of a 14-year-old boy, but only two were found guilty, then sentenced to a 1-year prison term each
  • Of the 950-strong Sri Lankan contingent, 110 were sent home following numerous rape charges involving children
  • The rape of a Haitian minor female by soldiers from Nepal resulted in an “internal investigation the UN declared that it would punish and remove the guilty parties.”