Watch New Hampshire Voters Heckle Creepy Joe: ‘You Can’t Touch Little Children’

Sen Coons laughs at the sight of his own daughter at the hands of a drooling letch…

At the age of 29, Joe Biden started his career of drawing a government paycheck, which just so happens to continue to this very day. Of course, that 51-year streak doesn’t count his time working for the City of Wilmington, Delaware, as a lifeguard during the turbulent years of the Corn Pop Wars. Continue reading “Watch New Hampshire Voters Heckle Creepy Joe: ‘You Can’t Touch Little Children’”

Morbidly obese hurl insults, threats at Sen Mitch McConnell

When the morbidly obese attack… very slowly.

The only things out-flapping their mouths were the sheer number of back-boobs, ass-flab and navel-gazing-nipples.

Making its way across social media as well as the hard-leftie Establishment Media is a cellphone video of a handful of 1960s rejects who took it upon themselves chide Senate Majority Leader, Sen. Mitch McConnell, as he dawdled his way to his SUV.

Not that I have any support or sympathy whatsoever for the top RINO in the upper chamber, I do, however, bemoan the utter lack of civility and class regarding the political Left.

Obviously caught at the special moment when their oral cavities weren’t filled with sticks of butter or frozen lardsicles, the crowd (numbering almost as many as a dozen individuals, or 30 people by sheer weight) could be heard wheezing their way through “Where are the babies?” or “Abolish ICE!” along with “We know where you live.”

As I see these folks cankle-deep into their childish antics, two questions come to mind;

  1. Where were you in 2014?
  2. How many illegal aliens have YOU taken in?