Blue State Blues: Snowflakes Whine When Pimps, Hoes, Drug Pushers Invade Neighborhood

Isn’t it awesome when liberal city council members get accosted by Antifa turds, then the same piss and moan because no cops are around?

Or how ’bout when bottom feeding criminal defense lawyers have to pull out the hardware when militant SJWs crash their gated community?

Yeah, few things are as satisfying as limousine liberals having to actually sully their lives when it comes to actually being a face-to-face with the same professional crybabies they champion.

Well, it is rather funny when the residents of a rather well-to-do (and decidedly liberal) neighborhood start complaining when sex traffickers and dope pushers invade your safe space. Nothing increases property values like used Love Twinkies and discarded heroin syringes strewn on the same sidewalks where your kids play.

Anyhow, coming as a surprise to no one is MPR (Minnesota Public Radio) reporting that the Powderhorn area of Minneapolis is now doo-dad deep with hundreds of homeless pitching their collective tents (double-entendre intended) within raping distance of their front porches (emphasis mine);

Every night, Angelina Roslik says she can watch a steady stream of cars pass in front of her home on a dead-end street overlooking Powderhorn Park in south Minneapolis. 

The cars — backing in and out, pulling up next to each other, or idling for long stretches at a time — are a new presence here, she says. 

Roslik believes they’re symptomatic of an uptick in open drug use and sex trafficking — something she says is tied to an encampment of people who started gathering in the park last month. 

“If you sit here long enough, you’ll start to see people coming and going. Coming to the passenger side window. Like we see right there,” Roslik said, looking out from her front porch on Saturday night. “A lot of times, it’s a woman getting in and out.”

She and some of her neighbors are conflicted. They want encampment residents to have stable housing and access to the services they need. At the same time, they feel the encampment is unsafe and unsustainable, for all involved.

But Minneapolis Park Board Commissioner AK Hassan said the crime neighbors are pointing to is not linked to the encampment. “When we talk about crimes that happen here, these are not new crimes,” he said at a press conference at the park last week. “Let’s not find excuses.”

Roslik disagrees. She said she has seen violent disputes at all hours of the night over the past couple of weeks, and people pulling out guns in broad daylight. She’s seen needles and feces scattered in yards up and down the street.  

But on a much more serious note, KSTP-TV of the Twin Cities is reporting (video below) that the once safe Powderhorn area is now developing quite the rep for “sexual assaults”, also known to the politically incorrect as plain old rape.

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