Ohio Prosecutor: Muslim Father ‘Executed’ Own Daughter

Tahani Mansour - twice shot in the head by her own father. (Twitter)
Tahani Mansour – twice shot in the head by her own father. (Twitter)

Father kills youngest of six children…

Tahani Mansour seemed to have achieved the American Dream. The pretty 27-year-old daughter of Jordanian-Muslim immigrants was a member of the Phi Lambda Sigma sorority when enrolled at the Northeast Ohio Medical University, where she went on to eventually earn her Doctor of Pharmacology degree in 2013. Continue reading “Ohio Prosecutor: Muslim Father ‘Executed’ Own Daughter”

More from the Religion of Peace and Love: Son turns in mother to ISIS, personally executes her

ISIS Son of the Year.

Meanwhile, the Obama Administration has openly voiced it stated goal of bringing to American shores tens of thousands of so-called Muslim “refugees”.

While the definition of family honor varies from nation to nation, culture to culture, few societies or individuals are comfortable with a loss of honor, however it’s defined. Meanwhile, reporter Ruth Dudley Edwards of The Irish Independent cited that of all the so-called “honor killings” across the planet, fully 91 percent are perpetrated by adherents of the Mohammedan belief system. Continue reading “More from the Religion of Peace and Love: Son turns in mother to ISIS, personally executes her”

Honor killing; Pakistani torches wife, she visited sister without his permission

Afghan girl decapitated in honor killing.
Afghan girl decapitated in honor killing.

Thanks to social media and a free press, the Western world is unfortunately becoming all too familiar with the Shari’a-compliant practice popularly known simply as “honor killing”. The latest example is reported by the Paris-based Agence France-Presse via Yahoo News on April 19, 2015, where a Pakistani husband, aided by his father, burned to death his 25-year-old wife. Reportedly, the motivating factor for the gasoline-soaked murder was due to her leaving the house without his expressed permission.

As noted by the French news service, upon finding out his wife visited her sister without his prior approval, a furious Muhammad Siddique and his father first gave a beating to his wife, Shabana Bibi. According to her brother Muhammad Azam, ostensibly not satisfied with the punishment meted out, father and son then doused Bibi with gasoline before putting the match to her.

Azam also stated that Bibi had been married to Siddique for three years, during which time she had suffered a steady string of beatings because of the couple’s inability to have children. Suffering burns to 80 percent of her body, Bibi died of her injuries in hospital on Saturday.

While honor killings have effected almost all cultures at certain points in their histories, honor killings have been an almost constant is Islam since its founding in the 7th century.

As cited by the General Secretary of Muslims Facing Tomorrow – Canada, Hasan Mahmud authored for The Clarion Project specific passages from Islamic Shari’a Law and also by certain Hadiths that authorize the spilling of blood in order to restore blackened family honor. The Middle East Forum also published a report in 2010 citing that 91 percent of all honor killings in recent years have been perpetrated by Muslims males on female Muslims.

As previously covered by Examiner.com in 2012, honor killings aren’t exclusive to Pakistan. A 14-year-old girl identified only as Gisa was beheaded for refusing a wedding proposal (see photo above). According to reports, both Gisa and her parents refused marriage

proposals from two separate men, reportedly “understood to be close relatives of the victim that live in the same village,” presumably closely related cousins. As reported, the child was found completely decapitated by a knife. The last her parents saw of her was when she left the home to fetch water from the village well.

And the United States hasn’t been exempt, either. In 2011, Iraqi immigrant Faleh Hassan al-Maleki, 50, was convicted by a Maricopa County, Arizona court of murdering his 20-year-old daughter. Seeking to restore his family honor the elder al-Meleki hit and then ran over his daughter, Noor Faleh (Arabic for “Light” and “Success”). According to the convicted murdered, his daughter deserved to die because she was becoming “too Westernized”.

Noor al-Maleki.
Noor al-Maleki.


Pakistani Muslim Dumps Acid on Step-Daughters for Refusing Arranged Marriage

111111Fakhra-Yunus-before-acid-attack-Fakhra-Yunus-after-acid-attackOne step forward, 14 centuries back…

A Pakistani step-father has attacked his step-daughters with acid for reportedly refusing to acquiesce  to his decision for pre-arraigned marriages for both girls, as reported by India.com on Jan. 5, 2014.

Arranged marriages are quite the norm in Pakistan, as they are throughout the Muslim-world, however, saying no isn’t.

Continue reading “Pakistani Muslim Dumps Acid on Step-Daughters for Refusing Arranged Marriage”

Muslim village demands ‘honor killing’ – father murders daughter

Another victim of Sharia law.
Another victim of Sharia law.

“Disgraceful and outrageous acts …”

If the mother of Thamar Zeidan is to be believed, her husband’s savage murder of their daughter was perpetrated only due to the “tremendous pressure” placed on him by fellow villagers to restore family honor, as reported on Dec. 19, 2013 by both The National Post (of Ottawa, Canada) and The Jewish Journal (of Los Angeles, CA).

Accused of “disgraceful and outrageous acts” over fifty extended family members in the dusty and drab little hamlet of Deir Al Ghusun signed a petition that was posted in at least five mosques that Thamar’s father, Munther, execute his own child.

Herself divorced four years ago, Thamer had to surrender custody of her 3 children to her ex-husband in order for her Islamic law marriage be finalized.

Since living with her parents, Thamer became romantically linked with Iyad Na’lweh, a married laborer who worked in Israel, and had a wife and children residing in Jordan.

Thamer Zeidan, killed at her father's hand.
Thamer Zeidan, killed at her father’s hand.

Na’Iweh “promised her that if she became his second wife (legal in Islamic law) he would help her get her children back.”Late last summer, Na’lweh was seen outside Zeidan’s house one evening.

That’s when the rumors against both Thamer and her possible second husband were ginned up, reportedly by her ex-in-laws still stinging over her divorce from their son.

Besides accusing the deceased of “disgraceful and outrageous acts,” the petition went on to demand of  Munther that he “reinstate the cultural and religious morals in his family.”

In other words, he had to kill his daughter.

As if the ex’s family coming down on her wasn’t bad enough, she also expressed her desire to re-marry to her family only to find them nixing her plans on their belief he had a strictly verboten problem with alcohol.

As reported, “It is not clear if they had a physical relationship, although the autopsy showed no recent sexual relations.”

Nonetheless, according to Thamer’s sister, Suad Mohammed, their father killed the pretty 32-year-old by placing “one hand on her mouth and he choked her with the other hand.”

Thamer and Suad’s mother defended her husband’s Sharia-compliant killing:

My husband is a peaceful man and this is completely out of character, but the pressure was too intense.

But not all family members were of like emotional response.

Thamer’s aunt threw a celebration feast due to the family’s honor having finally been restored.