Fair Querstion: Did the Patient Die FROM Covid-19, or WITH Covid-19?

As of the date and time of this article being taken online, NBC News plainly notes (emphasis mine), “the disease has killed 3,768 people and infected more than 185,000.”

Nearly reporting the exact same numbers, CNN cites (emphasis mine), “Cases and deaths are soaring: There have been at least 3,800 reported deaths in the United States — more than 800 of which were reported Tuesday alone. More than 185,000 coronavirus cases have been reported in the country.”

However, the official website of the CDC is stating numbers wildly different than what NBC and CNN are reporting;

  • Total cases: 163,539
  • Total deaths: 2,860

Hey, the media is only off by more than 20,000 cases and increasing the death count by nearly one-third sideeffects.

Anyhow, something else the CDC is reporting (but the media isn’t), the breakdown of the “total cases” category;

  • Travel-related – 1,042
  • Close contact – 2,919
  • Under investigation – 159,578
  • Total cases – 163,539

Hmm… “Under investigation”, ‘eh? I guess I should translate that to mean “We’re not exactly sure yet.”

Here’s another verbal monkey wrench I’d like to throw into the works; why is it so difficult to find out how many of the fatalities were already suffering from a weakened and/or compromised immune system?

At the risk of sounding heartless, how many of those who passed away fall into one or more of the following categories;

  • Greater than 70-years-old.
  • Metastasized cancer.
  • Undergoing chemotherapy.
  • HIV/AIDS positive.
  • Diagnosed with COPD or bronchitis.
  • A heavy smoker.

Look at it this way; if I were to have died as a 75-year-old man who had metastasized bladder cancer, was undergoing chemo, and smoked a pack of cigarettes per day… then it was determined that I was exposed to (then contracted) Covid-19 x-amount of weeks before my death, did I die from Covid-19, or with Covid-19?

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