(Video) Ever wonder why so many Italians are dying from the China Virus? Because they invited them in, that’s why

Calling it the China Virus is about as racist as calling Lyme Disease a hateful term against people from Connecticut…

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Little Alfie Evans is dead – British government killed him

“I am deeply moved by the death of little Alfie. Today I pray especially for his parents, as God the Father receives him in His tender embrace.” – Pope Francis

British authorities have absolutely ensured that 23-month-old Alfie Evan of Liverpool is dead.

Catching the world’s attention, the British courts ruled against his parents, Kate James, 20, and Tom Evans, 21, who required legal permission for their son to leave the UK to receive medical treatment at the Vatican’s dell’Ospedale Pediatrico Bambino Gesù (Baby Jesus Children’s Hospital), the same hospital visited by Melania Trump on a recent European visit by she and the president.

As reported by Dan Hitchens of the Catholic Herald (of London);

At the end of 2016, Alfie started having seizures, and since then he has been cared for by Alder Hey hospital. He is suffering from an undiagnosed brain condition. In a court judgment in February this year, Mr Justice Hayden referred to the opinions of doctors not only from Alder Hey, but also from two separate experts at Great Ormond Street, from two Munich hospitals, and from the senior clinical team at Bambino Gesù itself.

“All agreed,” Mr Justice Hayden wrote, that the “degeneration” of Alfie’s brain “is both catastrophic and untreatable”. Last Friday, the Supreme Court rejected Alfie’s parents’ appeal for further treatment, saying: “The unanimous opinion of the doctors who have examined him and the scans of his brain is that almost all of his brain has been destroyed.” No recovery is possible, according to the doctors.

Mr. Justice (Sir Anthony Paul) Hayden ruled that the decision had to be taken out of the parents’ hands – because of the risk that Alfie is in pain (though the judge agreed with the doctors that this was “unlikely”) and for the sake of Alfie’s “future dignity” and “autonomy”.

Alfie could have been one of those children at Bambino Gesù.

Alfie was taken off his ventilator and managed to survive for five days.

However, Alfie’s father, Tom, and his parents are Catholic, and in an audience with Pope Francis they have found an ally.

The pontiff gave the family not only his prayers and support, but also guaranteed Alfie a spot at the Vatican’s children’s hospital to treat his still undiagnosed illness.

As it turns out, not only did Pope Francis come to Alfie’s defense, so did the Italian Foreign Minister Angelino Alfano, Interior Minister Marco Minniti, former Polish Prime Minister Beata Szydło, and Polish President Andrzej Duda.

The governor of the Italian province of Veneto, Gov. Luca Zaia, said that in Alfie;

The “so-called civilized world has supplied the latest proof of enormous incivility.”

According to the Italian Catholic news portal ANSA, a bit of a stunning announcement came from Rome;

Italy on Monday gave Italian citizenship to terminally ill British toddler Alfie Evans so that he can hopefully be “immediately” moved to Italy from Liverpool, where doctors are set to pull the plug on him, the foreign ministry said. “Foreign Minister Angelino Alfano and Interior Minister Marco Minniti have granted citizenship to little Alfie,” the ministry said.

“In this way the Italian government hopes that being an Italian citizen will enable the immediate transfer of the child to Italy”.

Not only have the Italians conferred citizenship on Alfie, according to the AP, Italy “put a military plane on standby to transport him to Rome, if the courts allowed it.”

Also from the Catholic Herald;

The parents suggested a course of action: Alfie could be flown to Bambino Gesù in Rome, which was eager to care for the boy. The hospital’s president, Mariella Enoc, told Vatican News last week that the hospital cannot cure him – but they can keep him alive and carry on trying to identify his still-unknown illness. But Alder Hey argued that the end should be accepted – and the High Court, as well as the Court of Appeal, the Supreme Court and the European Court of Human Rights, took the same view.

In the end, Dan Hitchens, who is also the deputy editor of the Catholic Herald, noted;

For Alfie Evans, who was baptised and has not a stain on his soul, death can only be a prelude to eternal life with God. But what will most stay in the public’s mind is the witness of the Evans parents to an unyielding love put through an unimaginable ordeal.

Italian riot police protect conservatives; thump communists, anarchists

Wassamatta for you? You toucha my car, I breaka you leg.
Wassamatta for you? You toucha my car, I breaka you leg.

Does it make me a bad person for laughing everytime a riot baton came down with a thud on any given Leftie rioter?

No, I didn’t think so either.

Anyhow, the comrades over at the Putin-friendly RT.com caught on video Italian cops going full BTFO on a mob of communists and anarchists hell-bent on doing what communists and anarchists do best.

Using the Leftist code word of “anti-fascists” to describe rioters, RT.com predictably fell back on the reliable MSM tactic of referring to anyone who so happens to disagree with them as “right-wing groups”.

As reported by a rather sorrowful RT.com from the Italian city of Modena;

The incident took place on Friday evening. A local far-right group called ‘Defend Modena’ organized a rally in the center of the town to protest against the Jus soli – or the right of the soil – a legal principle that allows anyone born on the territory of a state to obtain its citizenship. Italy currently does not use this principle in granting citizenship but local lawmakers in Modena have discussed the possibility of its introduction.

Footage provided by the Ruptly video new agency shows the anti-fascists throwing what look like thunder-flashes, firecrackers and smoke pellets at the police with the officers in riot gear subsequently charging into the crowd. The video also shows officers beating people lying on the street with batons and attempting to detain some of the protesters by force.

According to local media, police also used water cannon to disperse the crowd. The protesters also reportedly engaged in clashes and scuffles with police on several occasions. However, there were no reports of any serious injuries, although local media said that some people were “bruised” in the brawls and at least two people were arrested.

Italian police; Muslim boat people threw Christians overboard, feared dead

Italian Coast Guard (photo: public domain).
Italian Coast Guard (photo: public domain).

With Italy being hammered by an “unprecedented” wave of illegal immigrants from North Africa and the Middle East flooding the country, Italian police are investigating accusations that passengers from latest rescued boatload have actually murdered fellow passengers based on their being Christians. As reported by the Associated Press (via Yahoo News) on April 16, 2015, Sicilian police have arrested 15 African Muslims of killing 12 fellow Africans of murder by throwing them overboard. According to the handful of Christians who survived, the 12 were killed based on nothing more than their profession of faith to Christ.

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Italy preps for 9/11-style suicide attack, jihadists have 11 jetliners

The 2014 capture of airliners by Jihadists.
The 2014 capture of airliners by Jihadists.

In the wake of Islamic Jihadists almost completely overrunning Libya, the same terrorists have threatened to attack the nearest European nation, specifically, the Italian Republic. As reported by the Breitbart.com news portal on Feb. 19, 2015, the descendants of the Roman Empire are preparing for the distinct possibly of a 9/11 redux, complete with stolen jetliners.

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