ICYMI: Trump Inks MASSIVE Agricultural Deals with Japan and China

But, but, but… IMPEACHMENT!

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Anniversary of the Atomic Bombing that Saved Millions of Japanese, American Lives

Training children to face machine guns armed with bamboo spears. The Japanese government had every intention of the entire nation fighting to the last.

August 6th marks the 74th anniversary of the America’s first tactical deployment of nuclear weapons. As noted by Wall Street Journal reporter Nancy Rabinowitz on July 23, 2015, after decades of American self-flagellation over the destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, certain academics are citing the “bomb’s undeniable accomplishments” in ending a war the Japanese leadership was more than willing to see kill every one of the nation’s men, women and children.

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The Forgotten ‘Euro-Americans’ of the Japanese Empire

Children of Chichi Jima in 1968.

There was a point in time when American sailors and Naval aviators did everything they could to stay away from Japan’s Chichi Jima (Japanese for “Father Island“, formerly known as “Peel Island“). The reason was fairly plain; any American who washed ashore or parachuted on Chichi Jima would more than likely find themselves eaten by the starving troops of the Imperial Army. Continue reading “The Forgotten ‘Euro-Americans’ of the Japanese Empire”

First Since WWII: Japan Resurrects Their Marine Corps

Japanese Marines and the colors of the Amphibious Rapid Deployment Brigade.

They may not officially be called “Marines,” and their branch of the Japanese armed forces may not officially be known as the “Marine Corps.”

In fact, Japan doesn’t even have an armed forces. At least on paper. Continue reading “First Since WWII: Japan Resurrects Their Marine Corps”

Japan’s Supreme Court Upholds Law that Transgenders MUST be Sterilized

Takakito Usui.

Right before Sir Walter Raleigh had his head lopped off, he asked the axe-man to see the blade of the very weapon that was about to end his life. Reportedly, he had as his last words, “This is a sharp Medicine, but it is a Physician for all Diseases.”

Japan’s Takakito Usui probably doesn’t see what’s funny in Sir Walter’s typically understated British humor, but he better get use to it.

You see, Usui has taken advantage of the Japanese government’s largesse in heavily subsidizing his/her/whatever’s sex change operation, but Usui’s still not too fond of the prerequisite that sterilization is definitely on the to-do list. Continue reading “Japan’s Supreme Court Upholds Law that Transgenders MUST be Sterilized”

Will Japan (or Obama) ever apologize for the murder of my cousin?

Father Jesus Baza Dueñas - A true hero.
Father Jesus Baza Dueñas – A true hero.

The Independence Day holiday is upon us. And not all that long ago, we as a nation had to endure our own Commander-in-Chief deliver his de facto apology to the Japanese nation for the American deployment of Fat Man and Little Boy during the Second World War. Or as Obama characterized the bombing of Hiroshima, “on a bright, cloudless morning, death fell from the sky”. Continue reading “Will Japan (or Obama) ever apologize for the murder of my cousin?”

Questions linger; Obama may apologize to Japan for US saving millions of lives

tumblr_mkhoilQRrO1rkd8y5o1_500Apologize for what… winning a war we didn’t start? But then again, that would be right there in Obama’s wheelhouse.

It’s the question that just won’t go away – will Barack Obama formally apologize to Japan for the United States deploying two atomic weapons during WWII? As reported by the Daily Times of Lahore, Pakistan on Apr. 23, 2016, Tokyo and Washington, DC are still buzzing with word that Obama very well could be the first incumbent US president to visit Hiroshima. And with that visit, the former community organizer would in effect apologize for the manner in which the United States ended a war that conceivably would have drug on for years and seen many millions more dead or wounded had any other course of action been taken. Continue reading “Questions linger; Obama may apologize to Japan for US saving millions of lives”

Japan’s payback may come at the end of a 5.56 Howa barrel

Peleliu Conducts Exercise Iron Fist 2012
Armed with the Howa assault rifle, members of the JGSDF cross train with their American counterparts.

Despite Japan’s post-World War II constitution absolutely forbidding even to use the words army, navy or air force regarding the nation’s Self-Defense Forces, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe (phonetically pronounced “Ah-bay“) has made quite clear he fully intends to move forward with amending the so-called Peace Constitution as so his East Asian nation could be a military key player on the world stage. In the wake of the ISIS (Islamic State in Iraq and Syria) Islamist terrorists beheading Japanese citizen Haruna Yukawa, Prime Minister Abe has no intention of backing down to the blood-soaked jihadists, as reported by the Wall Street Journal on Jan. 25, 2015.

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Japanese slam fat Americans, fat Godzilla

Fat-shaming nuclear monsters…

With America’s collective waistline expanding here in the land of plenty, the citizenries thick thighs and rotund rumps have become the butt of jokes by residents of nations who have yet to realize that in the United States, Taco Bell advertises that a 2 AM visit is rightfully considered the fourth meal of the day. And to add fat-shaming insult to excessive weight injury, our alleged friends in Japan are slamming the latest American version of Godzilla as a “calorie monster” and when you get right down to it, downright laughable, as reported by Time Magazine.

With Samurai swords and extreme wasabe not the only Japanese exports known to kill, Godzilla (ゴジラ Gojira) has been a huge fan favorite in Japan since the early 1950’s. Gojira (ゴジラ) is a portmanteau of the Japanese words: Gorira (ゴリラ, “gorilla”) and kujira (鯨(クジラ)”whale”), picked up its own version of nuclear generated steam in the United States when American b-lister Raymond Burr wheezed his way though 1956’s “Godzilla, King of the Monsters!” thusly ensuring the Japanese Gorilla-Whale would be forever ingrained in American culture, even to the point when American heavy metal band Blue Öyster Cult released its 1977 head-banging homage to the building busting cult anti-hero (see video, end of article).


Japanese fans flag Yankee Doodle Fatties …

With this month’s release of the latest installment of the slew of Godzilla movies released in the States, there is real hope that Godzilla will finally appeal to both the mainstream and Main Street. Especially with Japanese acting heavyweight Ken Watanabe (渡辺 謙 Watanabe Kensaku) as one of the lead actors, this reboot has real hope. Yet hard-core Godzilla fans in the Land of the Rising Sun are slamming the American version as just plain fat.

Perhaps jumping on the cellulite slamming bandwagon, a number of Japanese have taken to the internet to voice their displeasure with the pear-shaped radioactive reptile. Identified as Fumihiko “Super-Fan” Abe, was quite plain spoken at a Tokyo exhibition of paintings of the 2014 incarnation of his hero:

When I finally saw it, I was a bit taken aback. It’s fat from the neck downwards and massive at the bottom.

As Time noted, “Other fans joked online that the American version of the monster had ‘done a super-size me,’ calling it ‘a calorie monster’ and ‘Godzilla Deluxe.’ And perhaps the most cutting insult of all, posted to a Japanese forum, read, ‘He’s so fat, I laughed.’

New Russian Prosecutor General becomes Japanese anime sensation

With the official title of The Prosecutor General of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, Natalia Poklonskaya has not only been installed by Moscow as the new chief prosecutor of the Russian-occupied Crimean peninsula, she’s also become quite the anime sensation in Japan, South Korea and China, as reported by the anime-centric news portal Kotaku.com on March 19, 2014.


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Pearl Harbor vet thrown off flight to attend 72d anniversary of attack

USS Shaw explodes after forward magazines explodes.

“Never to fly on the airline again…” 

One of the few survivors still alive from the sneak attack on Pearl Harbor found himself one of two passengers thrown off his flight to attend the Honolulu memorial service citing the anniversary of the sneak attack, as reported by Fox59.com of Indianapolis, IN on Dec. 7, 2013.

To add insult to injury, the other passenger bounced was reportedly confined to a wheelchair.

Former crew member of the Destroyer USS Patterson (DD-392), 90-year-old Ewalt “Walt” Shatz had every intention of catching his flight out of Los Angeles International Airport for Honolulu to be one of the honored guests at the 72d anniversary memorial of the attack that killed or wounded almost  4,000 American servicemen and civilians.

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China threatens Japan: Will ‘enforce’ control of disputed airspace

Japanese citizens stand up for their nation.
Japanese citizens stand up for their nation.

“This follows a pattern of fumbled reactions by the Obama administration…”

War clouds are gathering in the East China Sea as the Beijing government as sent a none-too-veiled threat towards Tokyo over the now disputed international airspace, as well as airspace over sovereign Japanese soil at the very south of the East Asian nation, as reported by The Washington Free Beacon on Dec. 3, 2013.

The communist super-power has decided to flex its muscles by claiming hundreds of square miles of international airspace at the geographic juncture of southern Japan, northern Taiwan and eastern China.

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The Joe Biden Gaffe Machine Makes its Japanese Debut

Joe in the attack mode.
With Valerie Jarrett right behind him.

Just Joe being Joe…

The Vice President of the United States hasn’t even been in Japan more than 12 hours and he’s already found a way not only to insult Japanese women, but women everywhere, as reported by the right-of-center news portal Breitbart.com on Dec. 3, 2013.

Biden is currently touring the Orient to quell rising tensions between China and its neighbors over the Chinese recently claiming certain international airspace as their own, as well as airspace over sovereign Japanese soil over the Senkaku Islands.

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Getting China’s attention: A nuclear-armed Japanese and South Korean alliance

A Japanese sailor and ROK Marine.
A Japanese sailor and ROK Marine.

As China rattles sabers over its newly claimed airspace in the East China Sea directly over Japanese sovereign soil, as reported by the Israeli news portal Arutz Sheva on Dec. 2, 2013, one thing that many international watchers agree would rattle China’s cage would be a militarily-allied and nuclear-armed Japan and Republic of Korea (ROK).

Especially a nuclear Japan and ROK independent of any U.S. military control.

Tensions are still running high since China claimed international airspace over Japan’s  Senkaku Islands, the southernmost of the 3,000 islands comprising the Japanese archipelago.

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