White House: Kid Rock ‘Fires’ Fake News Media

Kid Rock (real name: Robert Ritchie) is among a number of music celebrities visiting the Executive Mansion today, to include rapper Kanye West and 70s guitar god Jeff “Skunk” Baxter.

By the way, after leaving the world of Rock ‘N’ Roll, Baxter went on to become a real life ballistic missile expert.

With that aside, as seen in the video below, a yet-to-be identified White House reporter yelled a question to Rock, asking if President Trump should fire Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Continue reading “White House: Kid Rock ‘Fires’ Fake News Media”

For the record: How Jeff Sessions voted on Obama’s nominees

Sessions stumping for Trump-Pence. (Wikipedia)
Sessions stumping for Trump-Pence. (Wikipedia)

Jeff Session is facing what Ken Blackwell, the former mayor of Cincinnati, the former State Treasurer of Ohio, and former Secretary of State of the Buckeye State, has stated is nothing short of character assassination at the hands of both the Senate Democrats and the mainstream press. Continue reading “For the record: How Jeff Sessions voted on Obama’s nominees”