David Duke: Ex-Grand Wizard of KKK ❤ Ilhan Omar

“The enemy of my enemy is my friend.” – Communist dictator Josef Stalin.

He’s the ex-national director of the Louisiana-based Knights of the Ku Klux Klan. She’s a sharia-friendly harpie who hates America. Continue reading “David Duke: Ex-Grand Wizard of KKK ❤ Ilhan Omar”

Gallup Poll: Protestants no longer majority in US


The definition of Protestants could simply be drilled down to any Christian who worships the Trinitarian God, but also rejects the authority of the Bishop of Rome or any of the Patriarchs of the various Orthodox Churches.

That’s quite a number of adherents who identify themselves as Lutheranism, Presbyterianism, Baptists, etc.

And for the first time in American history, Protestants aren’t in the majority. At least according to the folks who run things over at Gallup, that is.

But in all fairness, Gallup incorrectly cites Mormons (LDS) as “Christians.” Both Catholics and Evangelical Protestants cite the many basic theological differences, calling into question if Mormons even at the most basic level rate to call themselves Christians in the true sense.

Another glaring mistake in the poll was to completely ignore the status of Eastern Orthodoxy (EO) in the United States. While the number of EO adherents is approaching 1 million, they’ve not even been factored into the poll.

As reported by the Cybercast News service, “The majority of Americans in 2017 did not identify themselves as Protestants, according to Gallup surveys conducted during the year…”

“About half of Americans (48 percent) identify as Protestants or other Christians who are not Catholic or Mormon,” said Gallup in its analysis of its polling.

The Gallup poll continued with a bit few more specifics;

That survey indicated that from 2007 to 2014, Protestants had dropped from 51.3 percent of the population to 46.5 percent.

But Protestants shouldn’t feel all alone when it comes to numbers dropping. Their friends on the other side of the Tiber haven’t fared much better;

At the same time, according to that Pew survey, Catholics dropped from 23.9 percent of the population to 20.8 percent.

But to ensure that every person of faith is equally depressed, the number of non-believers has risen substantially; “rising from 15% in 2008 to 21% in 2017.”

Yet even deeper into the weeds of the overall study;

  • In Alabama, 77 percent said they are Protestant, making Alabama the most Protestant state in the country.
  • In Rhode Island, 44 percent said they are Catholic, making Rhode Island the most Catholic state in the country.
  • In Hawaii and Alaska, 33 percent said they had no religion, making them the most non-religious states.
  • In New York, 8 percent said they were Jewish, making New York the most Jewish state.
  • In Utah, 55 percent said they were Mormons, making Utah the most Mormon state.

Most Protestant States, 2017 (by percentage)

Alabama 77
Mississippi 75
Arkansas 72
Tennessee 71
South Carolina 70
Oklahoma 68
West Virginia 66
North Carolina 66
Georgia 66
Kentucky 63


Most Catholic States, 2017 (by percentage)

Rhode Island 44
New Jersey 40
Connecticut 38
Massachusetts 38
New York 34
New Mexico 30
Illinois 30
New Hampshire 30
California 29
Wisconsin 29


States With Highest “No Religion” Percentage, 2017

Hawaii 33
Alaska 33
Washington 32
Vermont 32
Oregon 31
Maine 31
Colorado 30
New Hampshire 30
California 28


Obama’s Valarie Plame retweets ‘Jews are Rats’ Article


Valerie Plame may have once claimed that it was evil Republicans that illegally outed her as an undercover CIA operative (she wasn’t, she was openly employed as a desk jockey working in Langley), but the same Valerie Plame is having a rough go of it explaining her retweet of a call to place “warning labels” on America’s Jews. Continue reading “Obama’s Valarie Plame retweets ‘Jews are Rats’ Article”

Prince Charles Tells Christian Subjects to Think of Muhammad this Christmas

Charles, Prince of Wales (Twitter).
HRH Charles Prince of Wales (Twitter).

Charles Battenberg very well could be his name if he were to renounce all that comes with his royal upbringing.  But we all know that’ll never happen. Continue reading “Prince Charles Tells Christian Subjects to Think of Muhammad this Christmas”

German-Jews march for their Fatherland, against Islamization

German Jews join in singing German National Anthem.While most Americans associate Das Lied der Deutschen (The Song of the Germans) with the Nazis, more than a few Yanks would be somewhat surprised to know it’s still the official national anthem of the Federal Republic. What may catch more than a few off guard would be the knowledge that during pro-German rallies recently held throughout the republic, it’s just not that unusual to see marchers carrying placards and flags bearing the Star of David. Among those belting out the words “Deutschland, Deutschland über alles” are those of Jewish lineage and faith (see video).

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Obama’s drone death count passes Spanish Inquisition

A drone designed and constructed by Concepcion University and the Chilean army is seen during a flight test at Concepcion cityWhat took the Spanish monarchy 350 years to do, Barack Obama has managed surpass in a mere six. As reported by the PJ Media news portal (via Google News) on Feb. 7, 2015, a minimum of 2,464 people have been dispatched by Obama’s drone campaign since his assumption of office in 2009. Despite the American Chief Executive’s pontificating at the Spanish Crown’s 350-year long inquest done “in the Name of Christ” during a recent National Prayer Breakfast, the cold hard facts show that The New York Times-dubbed “Obama’s secret kill list” has dispatched more humans to the hereafter than the Spanish Inquisition could have ever hoped for.

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Paris Massacre march redux: Obama skips 70th anniversary of Auschwitz liberation

But Obama will attend the funeral of the man he once bowed to.
But Obama will attend the funeral of the man he once bowed to.

Before the din of more than a few national leaders meeting in France to commemorate the Paris Massacre, sans Barack Obama, has faded from earshot, the American Chief Executive has decided to again take a powder on a European meeting of world leaders to remember murdered Jews. As reported by the Washington Free Beacon news portal and also the New York Times, both on Jan. 22, 2015, neither Barack Obama or Vice President Joe Biden nor will Secretary of State John Kerry be representing the United States at the 70th anniversary of the liberation of the Auschwitz death camp next Tuesday in Poland.

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Call to arms: Top Rabbi seeks private weapons ownership for European Jews

First day of school in Israel.
First day of school in Israel.

As Walter Matthau’s character of Professor Groeteschele asked rhetorically in the 1964 film classic Fail-Safe: “How long would the Nazis have kept it up, General, if every Jew they came after had met them with a gun in his hand?” With the connection between the Third Reich and the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem well documented, as well as a huge surge of the Islamist Jihadist demographic in Europe due to unrestricted immigration, a top Jewish leader in Western Europe is asking permission for the continent’s remaining Jews for the right to keep and bear arms.

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