Ex-Miss Iraq Body Slams Rep. Ilhan Omar (D), ‘Does Not Represent Me as a Muslim’

Miss Iraq 2017, Sarah Idan. She can body slam me anytime she wants.

Recently minted US citizen Sarah Idan seems to have gotten herself into a bit of a Twitter war with Rep. Ilhan Oman (D-MN) regarding the freshman legislator’s somewhat questionable ties to the terrorist-linked Muslim Brotherhood. Continue reading “Ex-Miss Iraq Body Slams Rep. Ilhan Omar (D), ‘Does Not Represent Me as a Muslim’”

Islamic Jihadists Massacre Entire Christian Village; Women, Children, Elderly Burned to Death

If you think the War on International Terrorism is over, guess again. Especially for the minority Christian populations of the majority Muslim nations of Saharan Africa. Continue reading “Islamic Jihadists Massacre Entire Christian Village; Women, Children, Elderly Burned to Death”

‘Irish’ family busted for sending Islamic jihadists €40,000

Despite mental images of a no-longer-existent Ireland that was once a bulwark of Catholicism, the Emerald Isle has become the crown jewel of secularist post-modern and post-Christian Europe. Thanks a lot, Vatican II.

Anyhow, to prove how tolerant and progressive today’s Hibernians are, Islam has become the fastest growing religious belief in Ireland, according to IBT (International Business Times).

With Protestantism at five percent of the republic’s total population, Islam is expected to overtake the Church of Ireland (Anglicans), Presbyterians and Methodists by 2043. Continue reading “‘Irish’ family busted for sending Islamic jihadists €40,000”

New ISIS Youth Magazine Calls for Vehicle Assaults in DC, Lone Wolf Attacks in Australia

ISIS may have had its ass handed to them on the battlefield (thanks, President Trump), but the jihadists presence on social media is alive and well.

Case in point would be the inaugural launch of the everything terrorist e-zine Shabab al-Khilafah, or in the language of we Western infidels, The Youth of the Caliphate.

With the first edition hitting the internet Oct. 10, 2018, The Youth of the Caliphate is calling all young wannabe suicide bombers to target the US Capitol building by way of “vehicle attacks”.

Poster encouraging lone wolf attacks in Australia, below the inscription “Australia – the time has come for the harvest season in your territory”.

As reported by Bridget Johnson of PJMedia.com; Continue reading “New ISIS Youth Magazine Calls for Vehicle Assaults in DC, Lone Wolf Attacks in Australia”

‘We cause you pain inside your house’ – Muslims celebrate NYC jihad attack

Muslims celebrate jihad attacks of September 11. (Youtube)
Muslims celebrate jihad attacks of September 11. (Youtube)

Before Barack Obama finally got around to even mentioning the terrorist bomb set off in Manhattan’s Chelsea neighborhood, supporters of Islamic jihad took to Twitter to celebrate.  Continue reading “‘We cause you pain inside your house’ – Muslims celebrate NYC jihad attack”

The Belgian Chainsaw Massacre: ISIS plot to attack Christians foiled

Muslim teen tells of ISIS plot to attack Christians with chainsaws (Youtube).
Muslim teen tells of ISIS plot to attack Christians with chainsaws (MEMRI video).

Just when you thought ISIS couldn’t sink any deeper into their depravity, they just did. This time it involves the Belgian nation, Christians, shopping centers, and chainsaws. Continue reading “The Belgian Chainsaw Massacre: ISIS plot to attack Christians foiled”

Australia: ‘Allahu Akbar’ killing spree, cops refuse to call it terrorism (Video)

Englishwoman Mia Ayliffe-Chung killed by Muslim in Australia (Photo: Facebook).
Englishwoman Mia Ayliffe-Chung killed by Muslim in Australia (All photos: Facebook).

A mere 21-years-old, Mia Ayliffe-Chung, from Derbyshire, England was just slaughtered in a backpacker’s hostel in the rural village of Home Hill, Queensland, Australia. The killer made a point of screaming the jihadi war cry of “Allahu Akbar” while to he stabbed pretty tourist to death.   Continue reading “Australia: ‘Allahu Akbar’ killing spree, cops refuse to call it terrorism (Video)”

Germany: Government warns citizens to stockpile in case of ‘militant attacks’

Germany - Muslim protesters attack police. (Photo: Pinterest.)
Germany – Muslim protesters attack police. (Photo: Pinterest.)

The last time the German government warned its citizens to stockpile supplies, Herr Hitler was hunkered down in his Führerbunker and barbarians were at the gates.  Continue reading “Germany: Government warns citizens to stockpile in case of ‘militant attacks’”

British Imam: Sex Slaves are Acceptable under Islam

Islam accepts
Islam accepts slavery. Yazidi women and girls await their turn on the action block.

Much like Bigfoot, everyone has heard of Moderate Islam, but few have actually seen it. As of yet, the vast multitudes of peace-loving Muslims have yet to take to the streets to tell both the world and radical Islamic terrorists that the jihadists don’t speak for them. Continue reading “British Imam: Sex Slaves are Acceptable under Islam”

Minnesota Jihad: “We’re going to kidnap you and then we’re going to rape you”

Minnesota's "refugees" own private jihad.
Minnesota’s “refugees” own private jihad.

“You know Sharia law? You know we could kidnap you?”

The alleged “refugees” in the Twin Cities are making headlines for two different reasons, but with Islamic jihad as the common thread.

  1. Muslim males between the ages of 18-40 volunteering to wage jihad in the Middle East and North Africa.
  2. Muslim males between the ages of 18-40 volunteering to wage jihad in the state of Minnesota.

Continue reading “Minnesota Jihad: “We’re going to kidnap you and then we’re going to rape you””

ISIS executes 25 in nitric acid


In the course of the ISIS terrorist organization doing their level best to establish a world-wide Islamic caliphate, many have argued that their methods have been barbaric at a minimum, Satanic at a maximum. Case in point: Beheading or burning alive their captives has simply become, as the French would say, just so passé, if now down right gauche.

Proving you can’t spell “terrorist” without “terror,” the jihadists are now dropping their victims in a hug vat filled with nitric acid. As reported by William Watkinson of the International Business Times (UK edition) and also by Sara Malm of the London-based Daily Mail, both on May 19, 2016, word is slowly getting out of the one-third of Iraq that’s still under ISIS control that 25 captured “spies” were dispatched in the highly corrosive acid until their “organs dissolved.”

According to sources, “ISIS terrorist members executed 25 persons in Mosul on charges of spying and collaborating with Iraqi security forces. ISIS members tied each person with a rope and lowered him in the tub, which contains nitric acid, till the victims organs dissolve.”

As noted by both news services, nitric acid is normally used in the manufacture of ammonium nitrate, which then can be used in the production of either fertilizer or explosives. Never known as having an affinity for gardening, it’s plainly obvious as to why the rather bloody Islamic jihadists would maintain a supply of nitric acid on hand. Now, thanks to the likes of ISIS, the corrosive liquid is also used in dispensing death by Shari’a courts against the enemies of the global caliphate.

With the occupied city of Mosul the de facto capital of ISIS Iraq, the city is also home to the ancient Christian population comprised mainly by Chaldean-rite Catholics and the Orthodox Assyrians. As reported also by the IBT on May 18, 2016, a Christian girl from Mosul who suffered third and fourth degree burns throughout her body asked that the ISIS thugs who grievously harmed her be forgiven. The yet to be publicly identified child has since died from her injuries.

Estimated a mere 12-years-old, the child was showering in their Mosul home when unbeknownst to her, her mother was approached by roaming ISIS members who were shaking down the Christians to pay the Jaziya, the extra tax levied on Christians, or face banishment or death. As reported, “They told the family they must leave their home immediately or pay — but when asked for a few seconds to grab the cash the thugs decided to show the limits of their mercy.”

According to human rights advocate, Jacqueline Isaac, “The ISIS foreign fighters were at her door and they told her ‘you have two choices, you are to leave now or you are to pay the Jaziya’. She said ‘I will pay, give me a few seconds my daughter is in the shower.’ They said ‘you don’t have a few seconds’ and they lit the house with a torch from the bathroom the daughter was showering in.”

“As the flames engulfed the building the mother ran to rescue her child from the bathroom but before she could pull her from the flames she had been left with fourth-degree burns.” Isaac added: “The daughter had fourth degree burns and the mother took her daughter, scrambling, doing anything to save her. Rushed her to the hospital and her daughter died in her arms. The last thing her daughter said: ‘Forgive them’.”

Petraeus’ veiled swipe at Trump – America needs Islam to save us from Islamists

091029-A-8940D-003Tom Engelhardt of the notoriously hard left-leaning Huffington Post once described Gen.David Petraeus, US Army (Retired) as this nation’s “military golden boy” and “Caesar of celebrity.” Far from done heaping on the platitudes, the HuffPo writer also said of the fallen from grace General, “Adoring media people treated him like the next military Messiah, a combination of Alexander the Great, Napoleon, and Ulysses S. Grant rolled into one fabulous piñata. It’s a safe bet that no general of our era, perhaps of any American era, has had so many glowing adjectives attached to his name.”

Despite no longer in uniform, and his career in the Obama Administration as the former Director of the CIA ending on what many considered a certifiable disaster, Petraeus still manages to keep in his name in the news. Case in point, Daniel Greenfield of theFrontPage.com news portal, and by Christine Brim of the everything-politics website The Federalist, both on May 18, 2016, Petraeus just penned an opinion piece in the Washington Post in which he stated in essence, any criticism of Islam feeds Islamic jihad. Ergo, America needs to accept Islam, no questions asked, and that the United States needs Islam to defeat Islamists.

In his WaPo editorial entitled “Anti-Muslim bigotry aids Islamist terrorists” Petraeus used many a descriptive phrases normally accredited to the Muslim Brotherhood, CAIR (the Council on American-Islamic Relations), and Barack Obama’s speechwriters. As cited by both reporters, Petraeus took pains to enlighten the masses on the wherefores and the whys of how America is losing the global war on Islamic jihadism.

Painting with what some may consider a very broad brush, Petraeus have few specifics on what he obviously believes to be litany of American sins against Islam. As reporter Brim penned, while Petraeus’ op/ed at least seems on the surface to be aimed directly at the Rupublican presumptive nominee for president, Donald Trump, she wonders aloud of the former CIA boss man is wagging his finger at all Americans.

While Petraeus none-too gently reminded the American people to mind our Ps and Qs when it comes to Islam, he never mentioned what could be legitimate, Constitutionally protected criticism of some of the more violent precepts of the Mohammedan belief system. The General’s piece was rife with the following;

  • “Inflammatory political discourse that has become far too common both at home and abroad against Muslims and Islam.”
  • Restricting Muslim immigration would “undermine our ability to defeat Islamist extremists by alienating and undermining the allies whose help we most need to win this fight: namely, Muslims.”
  • “Inflammatory political discourse against Muslims and Islam.”
  • “Blanket discrimination on the basis of religion”
  • “Those who flirt with hate speech against Muslims.”
  • “Those who demonize and denigrate Islam.”
  • “[Those} who toy with anti-Muslim bigotry.”
  • “Demonizing a religious faith and its adherents.”

In an op/ed on the op/ed, Robert Spencer of JihadWatch.org opined, “So the upshot of Petraeus’ argument is that we must not say things to which Muslims might object, because this will just make more of them become jihadis. His prescription for minimizing the jihad against the West is for the West to practice self-censorship in order to avoid offending Muslims.”

Spanning the globe, ‘Allahu Akbar’ in the news

jihadi-junior-isis-daesh-493758In a slick video produced by the ISIS Islamic jihadists, a wee tot nicknamed by the British press as “Jihadi Junior” is seen not only giving the OK hand signal and screaming the Islamist war-cry of allahu akbar, but also as the one hitting the detonator for an explosive device that executed three captives. Meanwhile on the other side of the planet, a Correctional Officer (CO) in Washington state was attacked by an allahu akbar screaming inmate who used an improvised weapon in an attempt to execute the CO. Continue reading “Spanning the globe, ‘Allahu Akbar’ in the news”

Saudis join with ISIS call for jihad against Western ‘Crusaders’ to include USA

Love, hate or indifferent to George W. Bush, many agree that during his administration there were clear lines of delineation of who basically was on our side and who was against us in the Middle East. Love, hate or indifferent to Barack H. Obama, many agree that knowing who in the Middle East has our back, and who wants to stab us in the back aren’t quite as clear cut.

When promising Iraq was sovereign, stable, and self-reliant, Obama ordered the last of the American combat troops out in 2011. But the situation is so convoluted now, even Western media outlets can’t seem to agree who is for us or against us. Case in point: Reporter Tom Batchelor of Great Britain’s the Daily Express newspaper noted on Oct. 14, 2015, that the ISIS terrorist organization is calling on a global jihad specifically aimed at Russian and American targets across the globe.

However, just the day prior, reporter Mary Chastain of the new media Breitbart.com news organization reports that ISIS has indeed called for an Islamic jihad against the two Cold War adversaries. Yet Chastain also noted that the al-Nusra Front terrorists and a number of Saudi Arabian clerics are also saddling-up with ISIS in calling for violence against the United States and Russia.

As cited by Batchelor, ISIS spokesman Abu Mohammad al-Adnani left little to the imagination when he said, “‘Islamic youth everywhere, ignite jihad against the Russians and the Americans in their crusaders’ war against Muslims.” With the al-Nusra Front pledging their military and doctrinal allegiance to the Usama Bin Laden founded al-Qaeda terrorists, Breitbart.com’s Chastain notes their leader Abu Mohammad al-Jolani fell in line with ISIS. As quoted, “If the Russian army kills the people of Syria, then kill their people. And if they kill our soldiers, then kill their soldiers. An eye for an eye.”

Far from done, al-Jolani as then vowed to pay “three million euros ($3.4 million) for anyone who can kill Bashar al-Assad and end his story.” He also promised to compensate anyone who killed a member of the Assad family. Ostensibly, the bounty on any member of the Assad family also includes any of his three young children.

Even further confusing the situation, Chastain also cites that a number of Sunni clerics in Saudi Arabia are calling for a Sunni jihad against the Russians. With al-Qaeda overwhelmingly Sunni, and ISIS equally Shiite, both groups seek the destruction of Russia, Israel and the United States.

But the regional patrons of ISIS and al-Qaeda are funded, supported, and armed by the same Russians and Americans that ISIS and al-Qaeda despise. Many have speculated that a sizable amount of weaponry from the Saudi inventory has made its way to their brother Sunnis in al-Qaeda. There has also been questions if Iran is sincere in their open declaration to fight against their fellow Shiites in ISIS.

Citing numerous sources, as previously covered by Examiner.com, Obama sent during early 2014 more Tube-launched, Optically tracked, Wire-guided (TOW) anti-tank missiles in one shipment to Saudi Arabia than the entire inventory of the US Marine Corps. Also cited in the same report was that the Obama Administration shipped TOWs to one of the supposedly moderate Syrian militias who in fact are allied with the al-Nusra Front, who have often been characterized as the al-Qaeda branch in Syria.

The Washington Post reported earlier this year that between October 2010 and October 2014 alone, the United States sold the Sunni Saudi Arabians more than $90 billion worth of some of the most sophisticated weapons on the planet. For their part, the Russians have been quite open regarding giving billions of dollars worth of comparably sophisticated weapons to their Shiite-dominated Iranian allies.


While America debates, Islamic Jihaddists continue the killings


With the first Republican Party debate dominating the American headlines, little ink has been spilled regarding the continual bestial slaughter taking place in length and breadth of the Muslim World in the name of Islamic Jihad. As reported by the Reuters UK news service on Aug. 7, 2015, al-Qaida allied Jihaddists in the northwest African nation of Mali launched an attack on a hotel used as  United Nations base of operations, killing five and taking three Russian pilots hostage.

Continue reading “While America debates, Islamic Jihaddists continue the killings”

Oops, Jihadid it again; Islamists mistakenly cut off teacher’s hand

Thirteen members of the Islamic Jihadist group The Popular Front of India (PFI) have all been found guilty of kidnapping, assaulting and lopping off the hand of a university professor in Southeast India. As reported by The Independent (of London, England) on May 10, 2015 and also by India’s New Delhi Television (NDTV) online news portal on May 8, 2015, Professor TJ Joseph of Newman College in the town of Thodupuzha, Kerala, India has finally seen his assailants found guilty and sentenced to various lengths of incarceration.

Continue reading “Oops, Jihadid it again; Islamists mistakenly cut off teacher’s hand”

Two dead, one wounded at Texas ‘Draw Mohammed’ contest


Pro-America and pro-Israel activist Pamela Geller has never been shy of letting it be known she considers the threat of Islamic Jihad to be one of the greatest threats to face the Western World in decades, if not centuries. Case in point would be her sponsorship of the Mohammed Art Exhibit and Contest held in the Dallas, Texas suburb of Garland. Geller offered up a $10,000 award in her much publicized Draw Mohammed Contest.

Continue reading “Two dead, one wounded at Texas ‘Draw Mohammed’ contest”

Brits pledge over £18,000 to defend ‘Jihad Johnny’

James-Foley-Killer-620x424Few in the Western world would deny even the most despicable of characters a valid legal defense to defend themselves of crimes accused in a court of law. Yet what has many in the United Kingdom raising their eyebrows are the reports bubbling to the surface regarding a number of Britons raising the equivalent of $27,000 to defend the individual dubbed “Jihad Johnny” by the international press, and identified by the British government as the executioner of a number of American, British, and Japanese citizens.

Continue reading “Brits pledge over £18,000 to defend ‘Jihad Johnny’”

Bed-Stuy shooter’s Jihaadist warning ignored by media


Despite the vast majority of American media outlets overlooking that the killer of two New York City police officers was a member of the Black Guerrilla Family criminal gang, as reported by the New York Daily News on Dec. 20, 2014, only a handful of news portals are reporting that Ismaaiyl Abdullah Brinsley was also posting to social media passages from the Koran widely associated with the Islamic Jihad terrorist movement.

Continue reading “Bed-Stuy shooter’s Jihaadist warning ignored by media”

Aussie authorities ‘unsure’ of terrorist’s motivation


Islamic jihad isn’t something the Australian nation or her people are unfamiliar with. Between the 2002 and 2005 Bali Bombings which killed almost 100 Aussies, as well as the recent breaking up of a Jihadist plot to kidnap citizens off the streets  specifically to decapitate them, the figurative and literal banner of jihad has again made itself known Down Under. But as reported by CNN on Dec. 15, 2014, as well as the Associated Press via WLS-TV Chicago on Dec 14, 2014, authorities in Sydney are loath to call a self-admitted Islamist a terrorist.

Continue reading “Aussie authorities ‘unsure’ of terrorist’s motivation”

Specifics on Canadian hero and his terrorist killer slowly coming to light


UPDATE: Previous questions if the Canadian terrorist shooter had any links to Islam have since been answered. Canadian radio station CJAD is reporting that Micheal Zehaf-Bibeau was in fact, a recent convert to Islam, dropping his birth name of “Michael Joseph Hall, and occasionally dropped the name Michael and went by the name Abdul Zehar Bibeau — and at other times he would drop the Abdul.” 

With news still breaking fast and furious regarding the terrorist killer in Canada’s capital city of Ottawa, CBS News has taken to social media revealing the name of the shooter. As CBS News sent via Twitter on Oct. 22, 2014, the now dead terrorist was identified as Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, a 32-year-old Canadian born citizen.

Continue reading “Specifics on Canadian hero and his terrorist killer slowly coming to light”

Canadian terrorist shooter wearing ‘Arabic scarf’


UPDATE: The Canadian soldier initially reported as wounded has since died at the hands of the still unidentified terrorist. The soldier’s name will not be released until the notification of his next of kin.

Within 48 hours, at least two separate terrorist attacks have successfully been launched in Canada. As reported by the United Press International news service on Oct. 22, 2014, a gunman seriously wounded one of two Canadian Army ceremonial guards at Canada’s War Memorial in downtown Ottawa. UPI is reporting the gunman was shot and killed by Canadian law enforcement officials, and that the gunman was identified only as wearing an “Arabic scarf.”

Continue reading “Canadian terrorist shooter wearing ‘Arabic scarf’”

Bangladeshi mum fights jihad with chocolaty Coco Pops


“He’s not a violent person and would never pose a risk to anyone here.”

What’s made with whole grain, high in fiber, magically turns regular milk into chocolate milk, part of a balanced breakfast, and last but certainly not least, could be instrumental in convincing your son to renounce violent Islamic Jihad? According to Britain’s The Daily Star, reported on Oct. 19, 2014, the answer very well may be a box of both delicious and nutritious Kellogg’s Coco Pops cereal.

Continue reading “Bangladeshi mum fights jihad with chocolaty Coco Pops”

‘Sexual jihad’ makes a disturbing comeback for ISIS terrorists

hermosos-ojos-arabes08Sodomy authorized to “widen the anus” of would-be human bombers…

Making itself known last summer, the fatwa-authorized sex jihad is making a strong comeback throughout the Muslim World. As reported by the right-of-center news portal Breitbart.com Big Peace on Aug. 27, 2014, Muslim women from Great Britain to Australia are either heading to or already in ISIS-controlled areas in Syria and Iraq to “perform their duty in jihad” to ISIS terrorists of the sexual gratification kind.

Continue reading “‘Sexual jihad’ makes a disturbing comeback for ISIS terrorists”

Sochi Olympics: IOC, Swiss, Hungarians Downplay Terror Threats

JRN5tABeing too calm has its drawbacks…

A slew of Western nations have received terrorist threats directly related to the upcoming Winter Olympics in Russia, yet the powers-to-be at the Olympics as well as at least two European countries Olympic Committees are giving it lip service, as reported by both EuroNews.com and also by Fox News on Jan. 22, 2014.

The United States, Germany, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia and Italy have all received varying degrees of threats ranging from the vague to the specific concerning their respective nation’s participation in the 2014 Winter Games to be held in Sochi, Russia.

Without giving specifics, the Germans have officially stated their threats were vague, at best.

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