Seattle’s Socialist/Marxist councilwoman pulls in at least $217,000 annually


Update – April 3, 2015: While the tax status of Councilwoman Sawant’s Solidarity Fund remain dubious, the fact of the matter is she still accepts the full $117,000 paycheck from the taxpayers of Seattle. How she actually disburses the $117,000 is still the Councilwoman’s business.

While two icons of the American liberal movement have been caught having quite a double standard when it comes to cozying up to oppressive regimes that execute homosexuals, one of the few self-described Marxists ever elected to public office in the United States may have a bank account closer to John Lennon than that of Vladimir Lenin. As reported by the left-leaning The Guardian (of London, England) on April 1, 2015, Seattle City Councilwoman, Occupy Wall Street activist and so-called social justice campaigner Kshama Sawant has been hailing the Council’s recent vote to raise the minimum wage.

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