Rock & Roll: Acts from non-English speaking nations every fan should hear


Warning: Most of these songs border on the weird. The very weird. Some are just really, really good and have been missed by most of us Westerners. With all that aside, enjoy.

In no particular order…

Nothing says Rock ‘n’ Roll like pointy shoes, over-the-top pompadours, the Russian Army Choir, and an opera diva singing lead.

A little Van Halen, a little Devo, and from the looks of the rhythm guitar player and the bassist, extra tacos.

From Sweden’s Magnolia, Den Tiden Är Förbi (That Time is Past). Obviously, the Swedes still rock.

What the hell did I just watch? But the guy hammering away on that six-string bass is awesome.

I wonder if everything out of Armenia is this surreal.

Mongolia rocks. The mix of heavy metal, traditional Mongolian instruments, and double throat singing is very cool.

No mix of Rock originating in non-English speaking countries would be complete without this one.

This gem out of India caught me by surprise. Yeah, they rock.

Well, she’s a hot Latina from Colombia. Of course I added this video.

Long live 1970s Scandinavian Funk-Metal. Probably my favorite song on the list.

And now for something completely different…


Who says all conservatives are just a bunch of humorless curmudgeons? Submitted for your approval, pithy sayings, really cool videos you never knew existed, random observations, and the backstory to why we do certain things.

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